sensitive people

Of sensitivity

  1. Do you feel everything. A bit too much?
  2. You observe everything. I repeat, everything.
  3. Your degree of reaction to a matter is more than others.
  4. You just cant not control tears. Ugh.
  5. You overthink, if you’re overthinking too much. You get the point.

Welcome to Fight Club.

I mean yeah, there have been terms like over-sensitive, short-tempered and introvert thrown around a lot. While I happily accept that I’m introverted, the first two terms battle for dominance all the time. When you are a little more sensitive to people and situations, you should know how to cope. Trust me, I suck at this. That’s why I know what not to do.

sensitive people


When something bothers you, talk it out. Communicate. It might just be something normal to others and give an impression like you’re over-reacting to a situation. But keep in mind, not everyone feels about it as deeply as you do. No one is wrong here. Stop beating yourself up that they don’t give the same attention to it as you do. Everyone is different. Acceptance is key. You are over-sensitive and that is okay. But just learn to handle it correctly. Sometimes we tend to lash out all the pent-up emotions that are brimming up to the surface and face such hard remorse that will swallow us whole.

The one worst thing for Highly Sensitive Personality is, everything is HUGE. You’re very angry, very sad or feel extremely sorry. Nothing is mediocre. You invest hundred percent of your emotions into one feeling alone and it will knock you out. Just try to balance out your emotions. Accept that you are going to feel it all in a totally different dynamics than some people and handle the situations more appropriately.

Keep one thing in mind, you are not different and don’t expect special care from people. You’re not a beautiful or unique snowflake (who got the reference)!  Everyone has their own battles. Overthinking makes you over-analyze and takes the fun out of everything. Use this sensitive-trait to your advantage and do everything with passion and treat everyone with love. Take risks, feel deeply, love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably and live freely. You’ll be fab😉 !

Side Note: I just realized that almost every article I could find on this topic in the interweb has a picture of a girl looking very sad and melancholic in a field or wrapped up in comfy blankets. Duh. Since when did having emotions become gender-specific? We have a long way to go apparently.

yelagiri sterling

Mini Vacation / Yelagiri

At the beginning of this month, I went on a quick trip with cousins and family to Yelagiri. We wanted to go someplace cool and this had the shortest climb up the hill. Grandparents were coming along and we didn’t wanna put them under a long hill travel.

We left around 10AM from Chennai and reached a little after 1PM. Our place of stay was Sterling Resorts and my roomie was my cousin! We got the only room with the view and had so much fun with boombox, so many mugs of hot-chocolates and watching late night final destination! (this movie never fails to feed my paranoia!) We visited this lake there, went boating and came across this adventure sports arena right next to the lake. There are three such places in Yelagiri and this one was super fun, that much I’m sure. I thought I’d never do this, but when the tiny tots were signing-up (with the trainer supervision ofcourse) I jus had to go! It was so much fun. I also decided ATV is just not for me. I’m power-steering kinda gal apparently:/  But looooved zip-lining!

We hit the pool that evening although it was freeeeeezing (19-ish degrees) and we were a crazy enough bunch to dive right in. Then after a bit of chess, monopoly-war, absolute nonsense karoke with the kids..we were off. It was a fairly short vacay, but much needed break!🙂❤

Tip: Take more pictures of the place!
I just realized while scrounging for pictures to upload that 96% of pictures taken during the trip are selfies (either solo or with the cuz). So I’m left with very few shots of Yelagiri here.:/


yelagiri sterling



yelagiri sterling



FullSizeRender_4yelagiri sterling



Kabali | Movie Experience 

Kabali is a movie that has to be experienced. A review doesn’t do justice to Superstar and his fandom !

I repeat, just like a million other people on the inter-web, this is a very old wine in a fairly new bottle. Director Ranjith of Madras fame has delivered a movie that’s very simple, direct and point blank. He is honestly stuck between showing the reality of Tamilians in Malaysia and the pressure to make everything that Rajinikanth does massy.

kabali review

“Script is the hero” goes out of the window.  As we all pretty much figured it out from the trailer, Gangster is hunted down, arrested and comes back and becomes a even more badass gangster. I mean, really now? Well, that is the story line. Atleast the baddies could have been… well, bad? They are the 43 Gang *that’s supposed to make you scared oooooohhh* who just couldn’t give out any bad vibes with all the purple blazers and blue bow-ties going on!

Songs by Santhosh Narayanan fails to impress other than Neruppuda BGM and Maya Nadhi <3 (and the scene in which it comes up! *cries a little*) . 

Supporting characters like John Vijay and Attaakthi Dinesh were too good! Dinesh’s over-enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air in the movie😀 Dhanshika was killer and Radhika Apte was portrayed like someone who is a very integral part of the movie, but at the end of the day, she didn’t do much either. The script that Ranjith had created with a star like Rajinikanth on board is honestly a little confusing. Is the point of the movie is to depict the struggles of Malaysian Tamils or show how true love waits for you (although not enough back story was given to support this theory), or gang-wars or just what?! We’ll never know.

Rajinikanth has given it his all. Exudes charisma and signature charm wherever possible to satisfy the audience, but the man can only do so much with a script as weak as this one.

The movie is, wait for it, bad – but it’s not Rajinikanth who let us down.

Not hot enough. #NeruppuDa

Paradise Biriyani OMR /Review

Well well, here we go. Paradise opened up its first branch in Chennai earlier this week and ofcourse I went right-in on day-2😀 A quick summary for y’all below🙂

📌 Place: In Kandhanchavadi.. After Max showroom, just before seashell.

🚘 Parking: Nightmare at peak hours. Vallet should be introduced as service lane is always choked here.

⏰ Waiting: 20mins waiting. We went just a day after the launch. So maybe that’s even more a reason. But waiting lounge available.

✨ Ambience: just like any Buhari or Zaitoon.

🍗 Food : Ordered a Full Chicken Briyani (serves two) , Full chicken kebab for starter (8-10 pieces) , Paradise spl chicken curry (with bones) . And coke to go. The kebabs were TOP CLASS. We wanted it extra spicy and damn, cooked so soft, so flavourful and spicy. The Biriyani was just like the Hyderabad branch. No difference in taste. It’s white rice, masala rice, meat layering. With lots of spices dominating in your tastebuds! Had lots of chicken pieces in it.. Yet again, boiled very well and so soft. Loved it. We probably should have done with chicken tikka as usual.. This gravy was OK types and we didn’t even eat a single piece. It was humongous !

💰Price : Total damage was 970 including tax and two glasses of coke.

I promptly posted this on Zomato the same day, but took me multiple reroutes before I realized, “Wow, I have a neglected food review category on my blog!”😀 All said and done, you’d love it only if you are open to try new flavors. Hyderabadi style is very unique and you;ll have to relish the flavors🙂

Happy eating! :’)

Paradise Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Oh, hello July! 

Half a year just whisked past me and I have no clue. What have I done? Six months down, nothing remarkable yet.. Maybe 2017 is THE year😀

I always get back from a blogging hiatus with “oops, sorry I ignored my blog (to whomsoever it may concern) ” or such stuff. But this time it was different. I stayed away from blogging because I didn’t have enough inspiration in me to create something and I didn’t want to BS on my blog just for the sake of publishing content regularly🙂 If time is what I need to get back the blogging mojo, then so be it.

And whilst I was waiting for the return of the said mojo, July greets me. I don’t know how to feel about time atm. I mean, it’s going too fast but it’s filled with lots of white spaces and noises if you know what I mean. This seriously sets back my mood like, there goes another year.. What have you done?

I’m not complaining or venting by any means. But are we all happy? Are we where we wanna be? If you wanna be sipping champagne in Paris right now, that’s not what I’m talking about. If yes, God bless your soul; I’m happy for ya. And a teeny bit jealous frankly. But if not, what are you doing to change that? Do you even try? Do you even KNOW what you want from your life ? Because without a destination in mind.. I’m not sure I can handle with I ll go where the map takes me attitude. I need a plan. For that I need to know what I want. And I very honestly don’t. I mean, I’m doing fine by all means. But it’s not the jump outta bed, it’s another day josh that’s going on here. And without that my darlin, we are all just existing, not living.🙂

So my word for July is KNOW.

Know what you are.

Know what you want.

Know where you stand.

Know if it is enough.

Know what you are getting yourself into.

Know if it is worth it.

If you don’t know any of it… Just do it anyways. You’ll know by the end of it😉

Stay smiling🙂 !


Sharu xoxo


Of buzzing and awakenings 

I wake up to the sound of buzzing in my ears. Not the concrete jungle’s construction noises that I’m used to, but a warm buzzing which is vaguely soothing to the soul. 

I crack open my eyelids and search for the source and spot it behind the curtain of my bedside window. A bee. A big cute stupid bee that is frantically buzzing aloud and banging itself face first into the glass panel of my window. Banging it’s little head so hard, to  reach out to the freedom of free air and limitless space. 

I sighed and got out of bed to slide open the window right above and directed it outside. 

Shouldn’t we all live little more  like the bee? We have endless opportunities and limitless choices. But we choose to live in ignorance of it all.  It’s a wise little bee indeed.🙂



Chapter 7 |Queen of the Cursed Land

The story continues from Chapter 6 – Want To Be or Not to Be written by Katie Nathan.

The throne room blurred out of focus as she drew closer and closer. What is going on? What is this place? If I’m dead, then so are these people? What even is the point of crowning someone as Queen for one day? Her mind was spinning out of control and she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to get out of this place and at once. But it is not easy to even device an exit plan without having no clue where to exit from! Priya decided then, that the wisest thing was to maintain the image and go with the flow and figure out as much as possible before her time is up in this godforsaken planet, land , century? Priya sighed aloud at the uncertainty clouding her mind and didn’t notice what was ahead of her.

She looked up when everyone ushering around her slowed down. There in all the magnificent glory was the throne. Made of glass and reflecting light coming in from all the windows in the throne room, it was sight to marvel at! A gasp escaped her lips against her protest and Nach snickered. She pulled her gown up and ascended to the throne and looked at the crown waiting for her in a plush velvet cushion. She couldn’t believe in the turn of events that made her land here, but if this was all a dream, it was one hell of a night.

Music started floating around her and rising up to a higher note, more enthusiastic and with purpose. The ceremony began and she was crowned the Queen and she later learned that apparently she is now the Queen of Irea. That name struck a chord somewhere in her mind, but she couldn’t place it right away. The day wore on and so many faeries and elves asked her for a dance. She tasted the best wine she’d ever had and drunk herself silly and chatted away to everyone who came to wish her. Many even gifted her presents to congratulate her on her coronation. She zoned out for sometime and decided to just enjoy and relish this deceiving royalty and not search answers.


Priya’s eyelids were so heavy and took monumental effort to crack open. It was 5:42 PM. She was in her bed, in the same dress she was crowned in. She hurriedly felt around her head and was a little relieved despite herself to find the crown beside her pillow. She breathed a sigh of relief and rolled over already cursing this dress with multiple layers of lace. That’s when her eyes landed on the pile of gifts that she received, meticulously arranged in one corner of her room. She walked over to the pile and began unwrapping the gifts. Empty Leather Journal, Candles – lots of them , a tiny jar of glitter power (?) later and more mirrors which reflected nothing later,she came across a black leather pouch. She doesn’t remember whom she got it from. She could just vaguely map this gift to a tall man with a hat, and she hadn’t even bothered to ask his name or take a closer look at his face.

She loosened the thread of the leather pouch and peeked in, only to be greeted by shiny hazel eyes. She dropped it and rushed to the other end of the room shrieking very unladylike. Definitely not Queenly, she assessed a moment later. She hid behind the post of her bed and waited. Then the frog came out, and jumped on her dressing stool and then on top her jewellery case. It faced her and croaked out “You will not solve this mystery without some answers. But the curse on this land prevents everyone from telling you the truth. So answer my riddles and then ask me the right questions; I promise to answer with the truth.”

Handing over the baton to Krupa Kadir here

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Occasional Musings

I just came across an article that broke my heart.

Recurring fish deaths in Bengaluru lakes signs of irresponsible governance: IISc

And the worst part, this is nothing compared to the chaos and havoc we induce on a day-to-day basis.

An excerpt from the article :

IISc started the study after mass fish deaths in Ulsoor lake two months ago, the latest in a series of events revealing the state of pollution in Bengaluru. Foam covers the surface of Bellandur, the city’s largest lake, which caught fire twice last year.

After studying samples of water and dead fish from Ulsoor lake.. IISc said the fish choked to death after oxygen levels in the water suddenly fell sharply.

Steady flow of untreated sewage into the lake and high levels of certain toxic substances could have depleted oxygen levels, the study said.

What are we doing guys? Dumping sewage into lakes is not a survival mechanism. That is definitely gonna come back and haunt us. Probably people are going to eat fishes that are mildly toxic from eating chemical waste and plastic. And then what? I don’t see a happy ending anywhere in the vicinity.

I’ve mentioned multiple times that sewage management and pollution is one of the most mind-boggling things I could land myself into. Every time I see a garbage truck on the road *mostly having stuff flying out of it without proper covering technique or net and also gross revolting liquid leaking from it * , my mind goes numb. Oh god. Another truck-load is accumulated in the Pallikaranai garbage dump which was meant to be a marshland! 


This is definitely not a Chennai or India problem; Worldwide almost all countries are dealing with this crisis. “Out of site, Out of mind” is not working here. It’s time we realize that.

But what could we do, other than just sit and feel sorry for our city and future. ? They might be very elementary steps , but if everyone does it collectively – that’s all the change we need.

  • Categorize your waste into degradable (vegetable waste, food waste etc) and non-degradable (plastic, rubber,glass etc)  when you dispose. *cant stress this enough*
  • Reduce the waste YOU are responsible for.
    • Take one serving at dinner, later get more. Don’t throw away food *people are DYING because they do not have a drop of dirty water in certain countries. Knock some sense into yourself!!*
    • Avoid plastic as much as possible. My heart breaks every time, each tiny product is packed in multiple layers of plastic bubble wraps. WHY?!? Use paper bags and cloth bags. Putting a price tag on plastic covers is not helping, obvio.
    • That kitkat wrapper you threw from your car MATTERS!! Don’t be a jerk🙂
  • Reuse and Recycle. If you can’t, or if you are not crafty in making vases out of plastic bottles, don’t throw it in the waste. Make sure it reaches people who collect old plastic and use it for recycle.

I probably think we are beyond the point of repair. But please try?



Project 24 | Movie Update

I really don’t wanna review this movie and spoil it in anyway. It’s an experience ! Not gonna tell anything which you don’t already know from the trailers🙂 Just a quick update😉 because I have to!


Sethuraman and Athreya are twin brothers. Sethuraman is a scientist and a genius, whereas Athreya is the evil twin – and ya , both roles are performed by Suriya. Massive massive respect on portraying the character differences so well. The timid and brainiac is so much in contrast with the pure evil. Lovvvvved his attitude as the baddie Athreya! This Athreya role will be one of Suriya’s all time best!

Enter Mani, a watch mechanic. A younger Suriya from a different time. He lives a life which isn’t entirely his own, but destiny brings him closer to his goal. 

He finds this watch that has the capacity to time travel. What he does with it, whether he understands the purpose of the watch, the creator and why is this watch so important to a certain someone is the story. Chumma illa, Semma Semma story! 

There is a plot twist left right and centre! And none of them will be expected. And this unpredictability is the most loved element of this movie!! Mind blown. 

Suriya’s acting is freakishly good. He has done three roles and the variation is striking! He’s got so much of scope to perform and has utilised it well. Love to have him back🙂

Samantha – skip. Looks prettier, that’s it. 

Saranya, Sathyan and others have done a notable role. But Suriya, having three roles, takes up MOST of the screen-space obvio! :D 

The cinematography by Tirru and visual effects are one of the best you’re likely to see in recent Kollywood. I loved how in Naan Un Azhaginile song, the camera shifts to show how they look from each other’s line of sight. 😍👌🏼


Music by A.R.Rahman complements the film well with foot-tapping Mei Nigara, soulful Naan Un Aruginiley and apt BGMs.

Director Vikram Kumar of Yavarum Nalam fame has proved that script is the king once again!! Whattey movie ya. *goes back to stare and poke at my watch* 


#LifeAtRamco – dream office space!

Life in IT offices are pretty mundane with occasional cultural events and fun Fridays. Working in an IT giant myself, I was pretty curious when I was invited to attend the Life at Ramco Systems bloggers meet, held at Ramco office premises. The agenda of the this meet was to experience how they have structured their work atmosphere. That intrigued me obvio, and I battled against Friday evening traffic and reached Ramco Systems at Taramani (near IIT Madras Campus).

Irrespective of your field and industry, your workplace is where you spend most of your waking hours. It is only logical and reasonable to have a comfortable space to work in, which lifts your mood thereby increases your productivity. Ramco System’s latest CEO Virender Aggarwal has had a dynamic vision of changing how work is being done.

This HR floor in this building is (contrary to popular beliefs) is my fave. It is designed so very well, that oozes charm and style from the moment you step in. It is fully done with wooden flooring and wall panels in an open-office structure. There are lounges and couches thrown in where you could just go and chill with your laptop. Yes, no desktops here😉 No cubicle/bay structure.

Human Resources


If you need a bit of privacy from the open desk😉


Then there is floor with Chirapsia and other fun stuff. Chirapsia is a massage that is done by a team of speacialist, which can be reserved on slot basis. They also have a punching bag,foosball table, zen area and lots of comfy lounge chairs if you just wanna unwind and chill. You could even carry your laptop here and work while you chat away with your friends (without going away for 45mins ;) )


Zen Area❤

Staff getting Chirapsia – that guy sure knows how to relax😉

Another fun quota of Ramco Systems that I lovedddd – Fika! The very own coffee shop that’s cozy and cool. Another place to just chill. If you keep chilling at this rate, y’all gonna freeze , I tell you. 😦










They also have Zumba sessions in an amazing studio, laundry system for their employees and fitness training – all in the building. It’s a totally fun and cool place to work, where even the cafeteria is referred to as TGI Monday. How sassy is that!

I was in a conversation with Vinitha Ramani and Bharath who are marketers from Ramco. They were vibrant, full of josh and said they company is much more than all that we just witnessed. It gives the employees the freedom to decide what to do with their positions to make the work experience better, support the female employees with relaxed schedules and work from homes during maternity, felixble work timing and more!

And I loved this board that wished HBD to the employees from every Business Unit. I loved the company more for this , than all the tour we had. It’s the little things that matter ! ;) 

Absolutely enjoyed spending the evening at Ramco, can only imagine the fun the employees are experiencing everyday!😉

Much much thanks to the DInfluencers team for inviting us and organising such a structured and get well coordinated event. Lovely evening !🙂