Bliss of e-Cart

Shopping is always so much fun , whether it is cautiously on budget or just a random haul. But this time, it was for a pretty much convincing reason – Vacation! Who goes on a Vacation without shopping? o_O

I have already got my share of color denims – Red and Purple. Its been the rage this season! And some tops from Lifestyle and Marks & Spencer. I searched for a perfect handbag that is more trendier than the endless totes i already own. I want a classy one, in a striking color for the season. After checking ALL – note .. ALL the bag stores in EA, the model I wanted wasn’t available. If it was , it was in a boring Brown/Black. Thats when my online-shopping came to the rescue.Here it is :

Caprese Gloria Satchel , White Shirt Dress , Inc 5 Sandals

Its Caprese Gloria Satchel in Blue. Caprese is in a tie-up with VIP bags. I wanted either Red or Blue. I saw the same in EA Lifestyle.. But in Black! So I found this and was an all happy person! ^_^ I ordered it from Flipkart. Then a White Shirt Dress from shopnineteen that I’d wear with my Red Denim. Then the Sandals that I was eyeing for a longg time ; from Inc.5 
Waiting and impatient already !! ^_^

What do you think ? ;)

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