Do Skills fade away with Time..

Okay. So after staring the blank screen for so long, I’ve come up with a conclusion : To reduce the blink rate of my cursor. Its just plain annoying when am trying to think of something to write and this tiny line, blinks it away! :/  Well, coming back to what am I up to.  

The day has come. The most fretted day. The day I start hating my Computer. I don’t enjoy turning it on, the first thing in the morning anymore. Its not a shock though. I started staying offline to avoid chats for a long time ; I stopped updating statuses, I don’t fret about the Likes & Comments, and I knew it was over. Its not that don’t want to talk to a particular person or I’m avoiding someone. People get me wrong. 😦  I lost interest, and it just doesn’t impress me anymore.This silver piece of junk has swallowed so many days of my life, made me abandon my quality time with mom watching TV shows together, miss so many India matches, and now has gifted me with a permanent headache which mom suspects to be a Migraine. Its Enough.! 
I just cant take anymore crappy side-effects due to my over-use of computers. Also , I will start working soon. The IT industry. If I go at this rate, I just cant imagine how pathetic I would become. So , I’m fed up and finally ready to give up! That was easy. The tricky part comes when I wonder.. what to do the moment I shut down. Run back to my phone and check Instagram and Twitter updates? Yes, but other than the virtual life.. what do I have for myself? What are my hobbies? That’s when it struck me I have lost every potential hobby I had. That was a rude awakening. I used to draw. Too well for a ninth grader, everyone said. But after the evolution of Orkut, it slowly started fading away. During my 11th grade stream selection, my parents were kinda convincing me to take Bio as I could draw well and it matters the most for a Bio (or future Med – my dad’s untold dreams!) student. I totally wanted to get into I.T and abandoned drawing ever since. As silly as it might sound , I haven’t even TRIED to draw after that. 
After six solid years, here I am, trying to analyze if still have it in me to change a plain sheet (with dad’s rough office scribbling on the back) , into something that my Mom files it in my ART folder.


2 thoughts on “Do Skills fade away with Time..

  1. Yup it truly does but it can be grown back don’t turn the status to online, in some article I read couple of days ago its quoted that “delete twitter facebook apps from your phone to save time”. Transformation period 🙂 I watch every ball of test match and now I don’t know if Zimbabwe is here or we went there O.o I remember that you have placed in the org. I work for… here is something you’d love to know we are working on social collaborative working that means we have portals similar to tweets, facebook, wordpress 🙂 I keep status offline too….


    1. Yes Shiva. I really want to space myself from all these networks that keeps me online forever. I almost forgot, what is it to be myself. What am I capable of? What I’m good at? …..And the ‘transformation period’ u mentioned, seems like a very good idea. Something that we can possibly start with. 🙂 Thanks! And.. Oh! Social Collaborative Working at our organization ? That sounds great..! And probably I’d be offline too 😉 Thank you for letting me know something about the company in advance 🙂


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