Dream Reminder : From Me, To Me

It’s 2:16 AM. I was vaguely surfing Chrome Webstore apps, Playstore Productivity apps and parallel-ly finding wallpaper for my phone to match my mood right now. (Alert : The current mood is not very good here. ) Things were getting duller with every passing minute and I almost decided that turning off the lights and twisting and turning in my bed, awaiting sleep is a much better option that wandering aimlessly in the Web.

I was closing some 20 odd tabs that I have kept open, one-by-one; and I paused when I saw something. A poorly designed site, very  very basic, but something grasps my attention immediately. Dreaminder . The name in itself was intriguing and I just could not close the tab even with the lack of any pretty headers or templates. (I admire beautifully designed websites. I mean, who doesn’t!)

The site description was simple.

Dreaminder is a free tool that helps you remember what you want from your life. Reflect on your life, write down your dream and set the date when you want to be reminded of it.

Now that is something I have never come across. It’s new to me, I don’t know if I was the one living under a rock all these years, or many are with me on this – but I found this interesting nonetheless!  So I went ahead and wrote *something* 😉  and set the date to 2020. Then I was skeptical whether the site would function that long 😛  and changed the date to January 11, 2016. Three years is a good gap and I’m sure the site would exist. Also, January 11th is my birthday and I’m sure this e-mail (if I actually receive it from myself) would make my day! 🙂

To : Me From : Me
To : Me From : Me

Although this “Your dream has been sent to you in the future” part creeps me out a bit, it is something fun and I liked doing it! 😉

Have you sent your dream to the future? 😉 🙂


8 thoughts on “Dream Reminder : From Me, To Me

  1. nice stuff .. will have to check .. well there is one such service where u can write letter to ur future . I mean 20 years from now and on that day it will be in your mail etc..
    technology is making us .. so conscious about everything .Good in a way and bad too 🙂


    1. Yeah, there is this feature in that site where you could read other’s dreams, if they have ‘checked’ Make dream public and anonymous. And I read a mail, sent from a girl to her boyfriend, scheduled after 10 years. It would be a disaster if it reaches when he is married to another woman. :/ Technology :/


  2. So,I guess you are pretty happy as will be the first one Wishing Yourself Happy B’day on 11th Jan 2016….
    Let me also try this.. 🙂 and BTW Wishing you advance Happy B’day for 2014,2015 and 2016.. 🙂


    1. Naahh, I dint plan to wish myself on my birthday! 😀 I have written my goals and made sure I get reminded on my birthday in 2016, whether I accomplished it ! 🙂
      But either way, Thank you for your wishes ! 🙂


        1. No..I have a tendency to forget what I really wanted ! Hence the ‘dream’ reminder 😛 I know , it sounds so duh. ! 😛 BTW, yeah, I registered 🙂 Pending approval 🙂 Thanks a lot!! 🙂 🙂


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