It’s never too late, or is it ?

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

― Benjamin Franklin

I was not an athlete. No. I wouldn’t run even when my University bus rushes past me. People who have seen me would know how well I handle weights. Shot put.? Nah, just put the damn thing there. 😉  I’m pretty tall and people suggest that I could do well in Javelin throw. It goes by some logic that the  taller you are, the farther the spear would go. But no one thought, running with a 8 foot spear in hand with such velocity was umm.. scary?  Also, I’ve always had a fear, that my spear would pierce straight through someone’s skull. Ugh, Gruesome thought. But yeah, the point is – I dint like that sport either.  😉

Basically I was not much of a Sports person.  I felt running funny. I was always self-conscious about jumping. And I din’t have the patience for indoor games. So, although there were too many clubs in my school I successfully avoided them and remained unnoticed.

But then there was Shuttle Badminton. I saw some seniors playing and started by trying to HIT the shuttlecock during my Drill hours. The serving part was my favorite. I enjoyed it. Then I felt Ball Badminton was much more fun and you can entertain yourself even with a wall. 😉 😀  The ball HAS to come back and doesn’t happily get seated in the nearby tree. 😛 I was all too excited and enrolled myself in the club. Then realization struck and my Eureka! moment came crashing down. I was already in my final year of schooling when I found my new love. 😦  I just played a few games. Won some team game. And my schooling came to an end. I got into co-ed as I dreamed of becoming a shinning Engineer and the sudden transformation from All-girls to a co-ed environment din’t help me either. So that was it and I never played again. But in all honesty, I would love to continue and brush up my rusty playing skills. But I’m already a Professional-to-be and chances are less :/  But then again ….


So, the hope is still there. 😉 🙂


5 thoughts on “It’s never too late, or is it ?

  1. Never wait for the Right Time..Take the time and make it the right moment..Whatever you want do,do now,do in this life as we only live once.. 🙂
    I hope you become what you aspire to become.. 🙂


    1. Jeez thank you so much for the inspiration Harsha! 🙂 I just wanted to be that person who could hit good shots if given the racket any day 🙂 That would be satisfactory. 🙂 Thanks 🙂 Anything you’ve missed over the time? 😉


      1. Me…I guess Not… 🙂
        I did whatever I like most of the time and doing what I like and God knows about Future…But one thing I really love doing what I should do and never regret anything in life..Well till Now I have not regretted anything…. 🙂


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