College to Corporate

I was gone from the blogosphere for the past three days.. I dint think its possible, but I DID miss blogging. Atleast reading good contents and articles.

Well, the reason for my disappearance would be my company. The company I’am very shortly, very happily gonna join. Some say, I would hardly be noticed in the huge mass of the IT crowd. But this job is the first thing, I have got for me, by myself. And indeed it’s special, as this had been my favorite company for quiet some time.

I’m joining next week. And I can’t even begin to state, how excited I am. 😀 My relatives are congratulating me so happily. My grandpa is proud. My dad is Mom, well..she is freaking out just like me 😀 all this for no reason? To be called another IT MNC slave.? Nope, I ll live my life, and love my job. Am already loving it a bit too much 😛


What do you think ? ;)

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