Learning to Do Right!

Usually, when school reopens every year, I find the first day funny when my handwriting looks terrible while jotting down the year’s schedule. 😀  Just three months of annual summer vacation can cause disorientation in our very own handwriting.  😉  But it’s not even funny when I wasn’t able to hold a pen and sign some document  yesterday, for my dad. Blame it on technology? I hardly write anything down now. The memory of my first Pen and the drama that came along with it, rushed back then.

I was in my fourth grade then. We weren’t allowed to use pens till third grade. So, the first day, I was pretty excited when dad gave me his Parker Roller Ball (He SOMEHOW knew the ink was gonna get over! :/ 😛 ) ..my mom gave me a Hero pen as I was sooo in love with the fatty cutie 😀 and a couple ball-points and micro-tips. Too much load for a fourth grader, haan? 😉  I know, I know, I’m a spoiled brat 😀 I was not the quietest one in class, but I dint know that I had “enemies” too! Lol. I was showing off my collection to my neighbor kids and all were lusting over the Hero. 🙂 I’am vague on what I did to spark such flames on my opponent’s side, but they ( 4-5 people) decided to make me pay for *whatever that is*.  The first attack they did was hide one of their Bible in my Bag when I was at the canteen. They did, actually. The plan was to complain to the Class Teacher and check all bags for any possible theft and magically find it in my bag and label me a Thief for stealing the Holy Bible, when I’m not even a Christian, in the first place. ! Talk about Mastermind? Trust Me !! They planned this! No exaggeration . Then the other team-mates felt, playing with a Bible for such a motive will backfire and ruin their Godly spirits. So, moved on to PLAN – B

Plan – B was to take my pencil box (Light blue and crystallized glass top – it’s still etched in my memory, God knows how! ) and bury/throw/dump it in the farthest corner of our school’s Games field. Of course, this sounds practical and it worked. I was so heart-broken and I was sent to school with limited stationary for a week as my parents thought, I was too immature to handle expensive stuff.  Then came Honesty Day. My school, being a Christian Institution, had prayer meets and get-to-gathers  where Honesty, Integrity, Kindness and Compassion was highlighted the whole session! Now, THAT pricked one particular girl of that group. And she felt extremely bad for doing this to me ( I cried a lot in class, which  I carefully skipped) and she told them she was going to confess to me. Others agreed to it and they told me. I was shocked, betrayed, angry, sad, and whatever a nine year old could feel at that moment. But I was happy that she told me. Her Honesty and Integrity overshadowed any other bad things she had ever done to me. I was happy. And we’re still friends. 🙂

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One thought on “Learning to Do Right!

  1. Still in touch with her ??
    There are ample ways to get back at our enemies. The first among them is Amnesty as RajiniKanth says..
    U did tat 🙂 Very Proud of u..

    2 things which i remember on my reopening Day – one wil be handwriting prob.. 2nd one wil be halfday a class for us..


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