Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.. Does My Blog, Tell It All?

This post is written in reference to Daily Post Challenge.  Daily Prompt : Reflections 

When I have nothing to do loads of important and uninteresting to do, I just push them aside and look at my blog. Not write, not go visit other blogs, just look at my blog. Every word and post is a piece of my life. Put together , people could know who am I and why am I the way I am. However I may be. ! Lol 😀 No seriously, at times it scares me that I’m posting chunks of unedited version of my life, which I wouldn’t dare to share with my apartment neighbor, or someone I see everyday, but gladly wish for people to read and comment on the Internet. But that is the point, isn’t it. ? We want to share. We want to know what we are up to, ourselves. And writing it down gives some sort of peace and clarity. Not only for me, but for everyone out here. So my blog is indeed a perfect Reflection of Myself. I write about the people I met, the latest website I found interesting, my favorite star, the things I wanna do, the movie I saw today, my expectations, wishes and imaginations. Its me. And I love it that way.

I felt that that the Ryu theme was crafted and customized just for me. Beautiful and simple. The lack of widget sidebar nor bottom bar has forced me to change 😦 I haven’t stuck to any theme after shifting from Ryu. Nothing easily satisfies me. But the next best theme that suited my style was Newsworthy. Simple. Classic. Bright. And White. Its very important for me, that my blog has to be White. No BGs or any other colors. And then coming over to my Title, Live Laugh Love. This has been my caption for ages. If there are ten Sharu in a chat conversation and one with Live Laugh Love, as a caption – it would be me, no doubts. Its simple again, and up to the point. I don’t like to exist, I wanna live. I make sure of that even if I don’t do extraordinary things like deep-sea diving or bungee jumping 😉 I don’t always laugh, but when I do, everyone does! 😉 😛 Yeah, i keep laughing after the joke is over. I randomly think of some hilarious thing that happened yesterday, and start laughing. 😀  I’m doing it a lot these days. I usually don’t. Wondering if it’s a good thing? :/ Love. Please do love. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. Get it over with. Love again. Love your life. Love yourself. If you yourself don’t, who else will ?

I am no celebrity, I am not a popular cheerleader or a project team leader either 😛 , but I am just a girl and that’s all I wanna be! 😉 🙂


9 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.. Does My Blog, Tell It All?

  1. Wow! It’s great to have ended up on your blog! That’s what I love about blogging, too! It serves as an outlet for me to share my thoughts, the things I love, my experiences and all that.


    1. So true ! Life is just about problems-finding solutions- new problems I guess.. Finding happiness amidst all this is the bigger picture 😉

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂 Means a lot from u!! 🙂


  2. life is all about lloving oneself .. for only when we love us we love others .. and only when we love us .. we do for others .. 🙂
    Good to know you a little better 🙂 let love by your side always … One life .. take lite .. forget and forgive and move on .. as we are but allowed to be stagnant !! 🙂


    1. Its great to know that even you think the same way. 🙂 I wasted too many days of my life, being stangnant and imagining that “This is it.”.Life is full of surprises, but it happens only when we open our minds. 🙂


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