The Last Few Firsts ..

First Car is an important milestone in everyone’s life. Be it a gift from parents or from your own salary. The happiness that we get is so special.

I’m very thankful to my mom & dad for making it even more memorable by gifting it as a present for my job. Its a Hyundai Eon. This is the first time I’m driving..  big cars is out of the equation. Second hand cars to get used to driving is elimated too. Reason : OCD   on who owned it and how they handled it being a mystery, is jus not okay with me. :/ 😀



Making each other happy. :')

Happy girl I am. 🙂 *touchwood& 😉


8 thoughts on “The Last Few Firsts ..

      1. Don’t worry..You have enough time to show your love and respect towards them and when time comes you will truly feel blessed to serve them..
        For the time being enjoy ur life.. 🙂


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