❤ Raja Rani ❤ : Love, Life and more.

Why do we watch movies.? Entertainment?.. yes. But only that? We feel happy, it relaxes us, it helps us stay in touch with our friends, it gives us a reason to hang out, it is a conversation starter. Some movies make us laugh out loud, some affects us with reality, some movies relate to our own life, some even makes us cry. But when was the last time, a movie made you feel CONTENT. ? A flood of emotions, a movie that strikes a chord, deep within us and gives us a message to ponder over : RAJA RANI. 



I was going psychic over this particular movie ever since it’s ‘Shoot starts tomorrow!’ stage. Pls dont ask me why, I just knew :O 😀 And ..Oh my, the movie is amazing!! Nayanthara is the perfect choice and the role looked like it was crafted for Nayanthara and Arya. The storyline was out by Atlee, the Director beforehand itself. This shows his confidence in the message and the screenplay. Debut movie? Nah, you just can’t accept that fact !! The story is pretty much the same, uninterested marriage – couple who dislike each other – a love history – how they learn to love later on. But even if you go to the theater knowing this, the movie will surely hit you – and will hit you hard.


Nayanthara is undoubtedly the Queen Bee of the film. She showed distinct characters throughout and she knows what she’s doing ! She couldn’t have got a better comeback movie . She’s back to STAY!! 😉

Jai was outstanding. He was just being himself like he was in the bloopers, but he somehow effortlessly manages to blend into the character. He is not just a fun quotient in the movie and he has outdid himself. Kudos to Jai. !


Atlee with Jai

Arya is Handsome as ever. He is born to wear Suit & Formals I guess 😀 Damn. ❤  The small things that he does also doesnt go unnoticed. The single tear..The attitude.. The change-over…He was both the Nightmar’ish and the most sweetest Husband you could imagine 😀 That’s his character description and he serves it in a silver plate. 😉

Nazriya should have been an eye-candy to all the guys out there. I personally felt she was trying to be Genelia of Santhosh Subramaniyam. She could have toned it down a bit. I dint see Neram yet, so I dont know whether she is generally like this or purposely that way. So, no comments there. Her character sure had an impact.

Brotherrr ...!!
Brotherrr …!!

With Santhanam in the movie, you know how it goes 😛 But he has a strong role in this film and not just the usual friend who comes to help in love and share the sorrow after failure. He is the best friend one could afford!

Sathyaraj is so smart and the dream dad anyone could wish for. 🙂 His relationship with his daughter is portrayed so beautifully.


BGM and the songs were W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L-L. Soul stirring ? – here you go!  Kudos to G.V

The dialogues were extraordinary too. Some of my favs were :

❤ Yarum porakkum bothey ‘Made for Each Other’ ah porakuradhu illa Surya. Vaazhndhu kaaturadhula dhan.

-Nayan to Jai

❤ Enaku enga appa na dhaan nga bayam. Matha badi I love you nga ! (Cutest proposal ever ! 😛 )

-Jai to Nayan

❤ Namaluku romba pudichavanga nammala vittu poita, nammalum ponum nu illa. Ennikaachum oru naal namma life maarum.

-Sathayaraj to Nayan
-Nazriya to Arya

❤ Nanban la yethu nalla nanban , ketta nanban..? Nanban naaley Nallavan dhaan !! (Mass huh 😉 )

-Santhanam to Nayan

❤ Na onnum alugala.. Kannu verkudhu ! 😀

-Jai to Nayan

❤ Love ku apram oruthan kudicha, love failure.. Kalyanam apram kudicha, Life eh failure.!

-Santhanam to Nayan

OMG..enough I guess. There are few more i liked..But I’ll stop here 😀


ATLEE. Welcome to Kollywood. He has been given such a grand entry to the industry and deserves every single appreciation. The movie is a
Must-Watch regardless of your favorite genre. A very decent, feel-good, family entertainer with a very very true and much needed message
delivered with so much emotion and fun. Atlee is gonna rule, Raja Rani is gonna rock. Period.


43 thoughts on “❤ Raja Rani ❤ : Love, Life and more.

  1. Love pandra pona namba kalayanam pannipoma nu theriyala….but kalyanam pannikana pona kandipa love pannanum…


  2. My fav movie forever “RAJA RANI” atlee take 2 love failures to make a wonderful love story..
    Thank you “atlee” sir


  3. My all time fav movie. love it and d dialogues r awesome.
    1.Namakku Pidichavanga Namala Vittu Pona Naamalum Poganum nu Avasiyam Illa..!! Oru Naal Life Namakku Pidicha Mari Marum..!!
    2.Love Ku Apuram Life Illaina ,25 Vayasukku Mela Indha Ulagathula..Evanume Vazhamudiyadhu Da..!!
    3.Ulagathula yaarume made For each other illa surya , Elaame namma Vaazhnthu kaatradhla dhaan iruku ..!


  4. So here I’m finally.. Was looking out for a good review of raja rani but finally landed in your blog!! And I must say, You have succeeded in grafting the drive in me to go for it! yeah.. I just can’t wait for more!

    Great review friend…


    1. Ofcourse not. It is unfair on our part to compare the director’s debut to that of a Maniratnam classic with those day’s superstars like Mohan Karthik and Revathi The films these days are mostly same and RajaRani managed to stand out. That is what thr hype is all abt 🙂


    1. Nazriya? I know righttt.. tryin to b too bubbly so that she ll be missed after the tragedy I guess :/ Nayan was suchh a beauty sruthi :O Jai was hilarious.. arya was hot. Wow watte casting 😀 Thumbs up, Atlee 🙂


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