Liebster Award !

Blogging is the only platform where I feel myself and at my own personal space. And when I’m rewarded for something that I love doing, no wonder I’m on cloud 9 😀  One awesome fellow blogger Sruthi, has nominated me for this uber-cool Liebster award! 😉 We come from the same school, but we never actually realized that we had the similar passion for writing back then. I always enjoy reading her blog cause of the quality of content and how effortlessly she transforms her experiences to words. 😉


So lets get on to what the award is and how it works 😉

a) You answer  the 10 questions that your nominator gave you

b) After that you nominate 10 other people who have less than 200 followers and link them in your post

c) You think of 10 new questions for the nominees to answer

d) You let them know you’ve nominated them by leaving them a post so they can post their response/questions.

Its the best way to know other bloggers And wait not after i nominate you

My answers to my nominator 😀 

1. You are given choice of changing your profession. Which one would you choose and why ?
I’ve just started my career as a Programmer Analyst. So it is too soon to answer 😀 Well, if at all I do, I would choose to become a Fashion Designer. Very stereotype haan? 😉 Nah, I draw stuff. People say I was really good at it, but I never bothered and lost touch eventually. I would like to take it up seriously for once.

2. Five things you would do with a 1000 rupee note?

  •  Fill the car tank, and go straight without stopping in ECR.
  •  780/- box of Ferrero 😛
  •  Accessorize accessories 😀
  •  Decorate my balcony with flower pots and hanging flower pots for my mom. I’m not really interested in gardening, but it would make my mom infinitely happy.
  •  Sponsor food for cats at Blue Cross and play with them till evening.

I could do these anyday, but have not got the right time to do it. But will surely do these soon 🙂

3. What has blogging taught you ? Anything that would help me or others?

Blogging lets you open up and convey things which you generally don’t nor can’t. It helps us take a step back and see where we stand – both in terms of language and content.

It’s basically a self-analysis on what I know on what I write. When what I write is also what you like, its additional bonus 😀

Makes sense? Duh, I’m always like this 😛

4. You are made to sit in an enclosed space and given a drawing chart, set of color tools needed. What or whom will you draw ?

  •  Eyes! Lots of it. Please don’t think I’m crazy 😛 It’s the most beautiful thing to draw in my opinion. I always struggle with eyes. If I perfect one eye, the next one looks like a zombie’s  :/
  • Dresses. Damn. They’re pretty. (I’m a 1850’s manufacture I wonder, late delivery 😛 )

5. The one thing you wish you had done ? The one you had to stop doing cuz people around you didn’t want you to do ?

Dance. I love dancing. But I never ever perform in front of anyone. Fear of kalaais you could say 😀

6. A blogger you constantly follow and has been your big-time inspiration?

I follow a lot of Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers apart from the Travel and Personal blogs too. So I couldn’t actually pick one.

7. What are your thoughts when you see them? > Chocolate >Rain >Audi Cars >drop-dead Gorgeous Woman or a smoking-hot guy.

  • Chocolate : Hate em’. -_- I know, I know…I’m not fit to be alive :/ (Exception : Ferrero Rocher !! )
  • Rain: Love it when I’m cozily wrapped in my quilt and on my bed. Definitely NOT when I’m on the way to work. Our beloved roads :/
  • Audi cars : Eye-candyyyy ! ❤ I track it til it disappears from my sight 😀
  • Drop-dead Gorgeous Women : If someone looks drop-dead gorgeous through another woman’s eyes.. she has to be worshiped of course 😉
  • Smokin’ Hot-Guy : *blush*  Hey, I just answered! 😀

8. Which sitcom you wish had never ended ?

Occasionally I watch Simpsons and That’s So Raven. But no actual attachments. I’m more into series like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars.

9. An attire you would love to try on but never tried?

I have a thing for Dresses. Both the knee-length ones and long flow-y ones.

10. Italian or South Indian cuisine?

I’m always a Ghee-Roast Girl! 😉 (But …but…pizza… .. *sniff sniff* )

Here are my nominees :

And my questions :

  1. What is the reason that made you blog?
  2. When did you start your first blog and which was the first blog you followed. (if you remember)
  3. Travel or Luxury Vacation?
  4. What do you generally do when you’ve got a writer’s block?
  5. Hanging out with friends or a dinner with family? What do you enjoy the most?
  6. What has blogging changed in you?
  7. Things you wish to change in yourself?
  8. How do you pass time? Apart from blogging.
  9. Things you would do to bring a change if you are the C.M for one day.  😀
  10. Things you wish to see in India in 2030.

Start nominating and spread the love 😀

P.S :  I would love to make  it interesting for all the bloggers and non bloggers i have not nominated. Do answer 2-5 of your favorite questions from my list !! I am curious to know about you as well  


7 thoughts on “Liebster Award !

  1. Congrats Sharu for the Award and Many more to Come.. 🙂
    And Let give answers to some of your questions…
    1.I started blogging to write about North East India but soon started trying different things.. 😀
    7.I don’t want to change anything in Myself as it will happen automatically as Change is the only thing constant.. 😀
    9.CM for 1 day,will execute all the corrupt and the rapist
    10.India as developed,no poor and every Indian educated enough to differentiate between Good and Bad.. 🙂

    That’s all.. 😀


    1. Heyyyy ! Harsha!! Thank you soo much for the response ! I thought you’d have more than 200 followers and you wouldn’t need these introductory awards… Love your spirit !Have tagged you. Pls do a post on it too!! 🙂

      Thank you.


      1. Hahahaha..I do have more than 200 followers,But I just feel like answering them so I did….And thanks for the tagging but the same Award has come to me from Vidhi… 😀
        Anyways Happy Blogging and Many more such award will come you way.. 😀


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