September Rewind

Well, I should have done this a couple of weeks ago…but ‘Better Late Than Never’ isnt it? 😉 Or… that’s what I say to satisfy myself when I’m long overdue *wink* But frankly speaking this is a very bad time to write this post. I usually record EVERY teeny thing that happens in my life, in the S3 planner  …some thing like this below


Dec 2012 was when JellyBean got this smiley update.. Later on it was a smiley par-tayyy out there on my planner all the time! 😀 Okay… now to the OMG moment. I factory reset my phone on purpose. I backed up all data and apps alright. .but who would think about the smiley party on my planner ! 😦 so whoosh they went ! I’m just recollecting what all happened (read: checking dates on the backed up photos) to prepare the September flash !! So here goes ….


Behavioural Class was SO much fun and we brushed up on our artistic skills and made use of the creative part of brain that was unused for a long long time 😀


Monsoon finally arrives !! Welcome in styleee with floralsss 😀 florals are for spring??…who cares.. *flips hair* LOL


My treat to mum & dad .. they are the only ppl who were so stubbornly declining the treat and I was insisting o.O

How inverse we guys are :/ – Remember the Accord Metropolitan  post ?


Our first corporate outing !! 🙂 MGM . Sadly dint even take a single picture as we were all scattered around..and if a bunch of us take a group pic without a few would be mean. So, missed taking pics. ! 😦 *sniff*

‘ Happy Birthday Amma ‘

On the same evening after I returned from MGM..  We had a birthday bash for Granyy 🙂 I was insanely tired and exhausted … but ofcourse I wouldnt miss THIS!!  :’)



September was fun and frolic all together ! 🙂 Was wishing for a nice October, will let you guys know how it went , in my October flash soon ! 🙂 Anything remarkable in your September? 🙂



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