Being Smart and Safe and Alive.

Hanging out with your Best-Friend is never boring. It was one such day when myself and bestie planned to go out for a late lunch and movie. The show was at 3:30. I always prefer noon shows as I feel safer when I’m home by 6PM itself. But that day was the last day I will be meeting her as she plans to do her Masters Degree overseas. Serena_Blair_ParisSo It was a MUST to spend time with her that day. As it was raining and already gloomy, movie sounded like a perfect choice.  We had our lunch and went to the movie. I texted my mom that I’d be later by an hour and promised her I’ll be home by 7PM no matter what… But, my BAD LUCK begins here..

Me (typing to my mom) : “Ma, We dint get tickets for noon show..Will watch the 3:30 show and be home by 7, pakka!!”


Meera screams a screeching “Whoops!” as the too-cold Pepsi can slips outta her hand and I rush to catch it. I did. I assume I SENT the text to my mom and keep the phone inside my sling bag. (BLUNDER #1)

We enjoy the movie with cheese flavored popcorn and super cold pepsi. There is Nil Silence in the theater when Harry suddenly sings with enthusiasm ..

Give you this, give you that
Blow a kiss, take it back
If I looked inside your brain
I would find lots of things
Clothes, shoes, diamond rings
Stuff that’s driving me insane

and all the jealous (read:annoyed 😛 ) folks around me give a harsh stare. Then, the embarrassed me, puts the phone on SILENT mode (BLUNDER #2) and continues to munch on the cheese popcorn with utmost focus. 

After the movie, me and Meera exchange hugs and promises to stay in touch and part ways to catch autos. The drizzle has turned into a horrendous downpour. And I agree to pay the unjustifiable amount to reach my home and get in all wet. I think of calling up my mom. But I’m totally drenched and dripping with water. My phone is in a safe place and I didn’t want my S3 to compete with Xperia Z on the water-withstand-capability :/ (BLUNDER #3).

My mom keeps calling me back to back ever since 5:45 and I was totally clueless and SILENT about it.


7 pm . The auto gets stuck due to some water problem as the driver took a route that was too shallow and flooding. I cut the auto and started  to walk  in the downpour as it wasn’t a main road – so no bus/ frequent autos.

deserted street lights

A group of men who all looked very thug and rugged where smoking under a small shelter on the street side. I chose to ignore them and walk faster. But the endless amount of god-forbid possibilities on the deserted street sent a chill down my spine. I turned back to see whether they are where they were. And NO. They were looking straight at me. I had NO IDEA what they were talking or thinking. But I started to juggle between quick-walk and jog. Who cares about S3 anymore and I took my phone out to find 12 missed calls from MOM ad 7 from DAD. I curse myself and struggle to call on the move which I fail miserably and a sharp headlight blinds my sight.


It was my friend Sidharth who has taken the side lane as the main road was jammed.

Sid : ” What the hell are you doing here??”

Me : (Nervous, Scared, Relieved at the same time) “Huh??? ”  and look back at the gang again.

Sid : ” Just dont talk ! Get in already. U look like a drenched chicken !! ” *giggles*

If only he could read my mind..

Me : (smiles) I get in and speed past them with Sid in his car.

I dont know what I would have done if I dint meet him THEN and THERE. Things need not necessarily have gotten out of hands….but it was CLOSE ENOUGH!! I WISH I HAD SMART SURAKSHA WITH ME !!! My top 5 would have been my

  1. Mom : She might not come by herself or anything. But every mother knows the best possible solution to any given situation, I bet !
  2. Dad : He would rush there or contact his friends in that area to check on me ASAP !
  3. Uncle
  4. Friend1
  5. Friend2

They might not be able to be there at the spot the next second.. But when the MESSAGE  that you are HERE reaches 5 people at a touch of a button , you’ll feel SO much safer and you’ll also get a clarity on what to do, than JUST PANIC AND FREAK OUT.

Download the app here and stay safe !!

P.S : I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App



9 thoughts on “Being Smart and Safe and Alive.

  1. This is indeed a Great App..Kudos to the developer but now the thing is more and more people should be made aware of this,especially.
    Nice Write Up Sharu.. 😀
    And Good Luck for the contest.. 😀


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