Ta-da ! My Eurekha Moment

I’m weird in so many ways. I don’t easily get satisfied and settle down with things. And one thing that keeps bugging me forever is my baby blog. Nah, not bugging in the totally irritating, burden kind of way. Its more like, I don’t feed it
enough with posts and let it starve for days and sometimes weeks together. And, Most of the times. :/
So when I gave it time and thought Why it happens when I lovvee my blog and have so much desire to write – I realized what was the problem source. My target. My aim.
What do I write for.? What is expected out of me? Whether people will like the stuff I post? Will I lose my few faithful followers friends too if I post random chapters from MY life.? and the question goes on and on! :/ After putting some thought into it..I dawned on me that, what I wanted is nothing out of blogging. I love to write. I love to read some oter awesome people’s blog. Blogosphere makes me happy. As simple as that. So I’m going to focus less on the WHAT I write about ad whether it is something that people might appreciate.

Not that I wrote all Political and Literature stuff so long.. You know… 😀

P.S : Another thing that bothers me is my WP theme. God, please help me find a clean plain pristine white theme with a customizable header.


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