October Rewind

October was quiet an eventful month.  It started with the Raja Rani fever. The movie released on September 27th and I was hooked onto it. I officially declared it as VTV-2 and that says a LOT, trust me! After VTV released.. I got dresses from the movie, adapted hairstyles, used those dialogues in normal conversations even if they don’t actually fit etc ^_^ Some people think that I THINK I’m Jessie. :/  I’m as complicated as her – no doubt – but I did those imitations cause I loved every frame of the movie and even a happy ending would have spoiled the feel of VTV. ❤

Okay, enough of my VTV addiction.

Ayways.. Back to October.

I got the most beautiful Anarkali Suit EVER made, in the HISTORY of Anarkalis. !! Okay , that might be too much
exaggeration – but I am in loveee with it ! I exactly know when and where to wear it and I will post pictures soon 😉 🙂

October 13 : Our Batch Rep Birthday. 

Had super fun, planning out a surprise birthday cake and it was an epic fail when he is right beside you, preventing
you from placing a cake order. ! 😦 He himself ordered the cake, took us to the cafeteria after work and celebrated. Such
a sweetum. 🙂 (Note the sarcasm -_- ) Why cant you let us plan it for you Ganapathy? Why??

Anyways, Hope you have an awesome year ahead 😉


Oct 16 : Bakrid 

And I was working. Everyone gasped when I tweeted so. But I just dint feel like sacrificing one day of my precious
limited leaves. But I liked what I wore 🙂


October 20 : Batch outing

Finally ! Phew. Even our Behavioral trainer Sid was relieved that we finally made it. It was a Lunch+Beach Day. All
fun and frolic at the beach.



The day was particularly gloomy with dense clouds ready to gush down. But nothing. I mean, nothing till we left the beach. I had to take 2 buses and an auto on my way back home. It was raining, by rain..I do not mean the beautiful drizzle that wets your soul 🙂 ..Its the horrendous downpour that sends a chill down your spine and with the horns blaring, headlights blinding your eyes, you – standing in the middle on the roadside, waiting for ONE empty auto – ready to pay a fortune – Totally Uncool !


Whoever said this, hasn’t actually tried it. I would trade the rain walk for a worldwide telecast of my cry :/ *shudders, thinking about that cold rainy night*

October 27 : Convocation Day

I’m a Computer Science Engineering Graduate now B-) Yay me! It was fun, going back to that campus and all.. but some people who were jerks were still jerks 😀 But, it was a special day for me and nothing seemed to bother me then 😀 I am self conscious about my pictures with the Degree and Cap and all that. So we’ll skip that picture part  ^_^

That’s it. My November has begun ..Hope it goes on well. I have a feeling that October passed on pretty quickly. And it’s November already!

hello november



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