Flicks and Mini-Reviews

The Conjuring
It was terrifying enough to listen to the reviews itself. I’m not the bold & adventurous type. So I ended up with potato chips and a muted laptop.. with 50% screen size and enjoyed the movie. Worth the hype. At least, for me! 😉
*I don’t wanna post the picture also and create a medium for spooky stuffs on my blog! So, let’s skip it.*
Idharku Dhan Aasaipattai Balakumara 
I don’t even wanna talk about it. I ended up coming out half way. Uptil intermission – it was worst. Even Vijay Sethupathi couldn’t spice up the film.
Vanakkam Chennai
Considering it was a Debut film for Kirthika Dhayanidhi, it was good. It’s like watching an old film all over again with a new cast. Aniruth’s composition wasted by worst choreography. I’m not blaming the choreographers here. Its Shiva – what more could they do!
 Predictable story. Nazriya suddenly looks less pretty. She was such a doll in RR and Neram :/ Not a story that Dhanush should have given. After intense scripts like 3, Mariyaan, this was a huge letdown. 😦
Okayish. Stylish as ever! Its in Vishnuvarthan & Ajith’s blood i think! But the Baby-Ironing scene and Poking the Pregnant woman with a knife were super-gross. Ajith shouldnt have even done it to create a negative image in first half.  #IMO :/
That’s it. Did I miss anything?? *wonders*

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