Next – is here.

We all Most of us like Minimalist designs, right? It’s simple, clear, crisp and easy on the eyes. I have always been on the look-out for such a simple theme, but the font, or the one-column layout, or the date format …Something doesn’t satisfy my choice. Now the Writr theme is cool and classy, but I’m not convinced yet. Okay let me focus.

I started blogging on Blogger. It’s simple-to-use and probably the best if you are just getting started to blog. When you are through with the learning process, WordPress is the way to go. I dont use the self-hosted WP yet, but is fine with me. (I’m getting the hosting done, soon actually! I already own lol ).

Meanwhile I signed up on Tumblr. Never went back. Then, I signed up for Ghost. It’s the most minimalist blogging platform ever! But the hosted service is not yet out. So we’ll come back to that later.

The new kid on the block is  – Medium. Its simple. Its cute. Its clean. It’s from the creators of Twitter. That’s something very impressive already, as Twitter is the Town Square of all celebs around the world.  I have already linked it with my Twitter and trust me – it’s cool.


We can post simply, and quickly.! Saves time and effort. But strictly only for people with like minds (read : love for simple themes).

Let me see how this scores. But me – Love.



2 thoughts on “Next – is here.

  1. Its good getting .. 😀
    I am also thinking to do that,but I am quite lazy on that part.. 😛
    And The Medium thing I have to check out,Meanwhile I wish you get satisfied with Medium. 🙂


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