Farewell Academy !

My life at Academy* comes to a sudden halt. We have been anticipating this for a long time , I agree. Hitting the B.U** was something, everyone at the Academy was looking forward to ! But when the day actually arrives, it is a joyful pain. I’m extremely happy and excited about the whole new stage and the massive turn my life is about to take once I enter the Business Unit. But no words can aptly describe the void that I feel within myself on leaving the Academy. I have not yet entered the B.U , but I already know that it’s not going to be all fun and frolic. Of course, it wont be. Its a place to work. Its just that,here at academy we were all just too happy, jumping at every chance to have fun, sing and embarrass ourselves in-front of our favorite crowd named Batch-mates , behave insanely dumb in dumb-c’s, fight for black-forrests at the pantry.. and go all the way to cafeteria just for the chilly cheese toasts ! I already miss  Academy.. the gem of people I met here and the memories I made with them are treasures that I would cherish forever.  Also , Cognizant Academy has got the  No.1 Award out of all other Training centers of other companies and I’m very proud be a Product of Academy !

❤ Siruseri | Chennai ❤

* Academy is the training location of Cognizant with a College atmosphere, helping us transition from College to Corporate. The time at Academy varies for each domain between 2 months to 4 and half months.

**B.U is the Business Unit. After training, the Associates will be put into B.U. The revenue earning department of Cognizant.


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