Moving forward

When you look back at your blog on January 4, 2015, what would you like to see?

I’m not blogging for a purpose. I do not expect any return . I record my life and present it to the world. That moment, when I need to edit something that actually happened, it helps me understand and empathize in the public viewpoint as to How My Life would seem to others. So , when I take a look at my own little blog, two years down the line.. I want it to be as enjoyable and fun to live as it would be to read. I have always wanted to do something adventurous. Trekking, Camping, Long ride in a car..something! But I’ve never even attempted. I’m not sure if all these so-called adventurous ideas are cultivated into my brain cause of movies like Jab We Met , JTHJ and Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani. For me even getting up on time and reaching work @ 9:30 seems adventurous enough! :/ But still.. I do not have anything to write about, to relive,  to think after 14 years and smile. Everything in my life has been planned and organized. I’m no way blaming my parents for this as I myself am very keen on planning out everything and being prepared before I give it a shot to act on instincts. So this year I wish, I can only wish for now, to act more on instincts, learn to drive unlike a Woman (you know how they label us? I cant be completely mad at men for this ONE thing – female car drivers scare the hell outta me too! *sigh*) , learn a new language (shamefully, this one thing has been in my most of my Resolution list! ) , and become a more social person and break all barriers that makes me take a step back when I’ve got loads of stuff going on in my mind. Last but definitely not the least, become a regular at blogging.  Well, atleast to blog atleast once a week and make sure that I have done SOMETHING with my life to blog on. ! It might be a good thing to boast about share , or an embarrassment from which I learned, I just want my life to be happening and its now that I’ve finally got the maturity to realize that there is no point in waiting for stuffs to happen.

For everything that has happened to me in 2013, I’m thankful. For all the mistakes and blunders that I have made, thanks for resulting in ugly moments and helping me make sure I wouldn’t let it happen again. And for all the positive things , from getting my own car , to joining in my new job , to making new friends, having more family get-to-gethers than ever, getting my first salary – I’m immensely grateful and its these things that made me who I am, and helped me get over every bad worse and horrid things.


Happy New Year!


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