Review : Jilla

*I know its late, but this review HAS to be in my blog!*

Okay,this is extremely hard for me. Yet I will try my level best to write up an unbiased review inspite of me being a seriously-deeply-head-over-heels-in-love-fan-girl of Vijay 😀


I saw the movie at Escape Cinemas and was late by 5-7mins. The movie begins with a young kid who loses his dad in a Madurai criminal gang war. He tends to help Mohanlal when he was helpless at a particular time and gains his love and affection. Hence Lal sort of adopts him and there starts the Sivan-Sakthi chemistry!! It never ever ends till the credits , trust me!

The movie had a racy first half. The second half was equally good, (I watched the trimmed version – earlier it was 3hours 2minutes running time) but it was predictable – jus a bit. Actually I spoil the scenes for my friends most of the times, any movie, so I cant vouch on the factor that the movie was so predictable to the general audience as well . It wasn’t draggy for sure, as they have trimmed it clean ! But that resulted in chopping off a Caste problem scene, a scene that leads to the “Yeppo mama treatu” song and the song in itself!! #damn Who would delete a songgg!! I’m just plain happy that today – the producer has announced that the song is back from today’s (13th) show and I’m sure as hell gonna go watch again for the song.

The cinematography was crisp and brilliant. The colors used in “Pattu Onnu..” song was just fab. It was a riot of colors and even “Verasa Poagayile..”. Looks as if it was planned to be THAT colorful.

Stunts were powerful and had that much needed velocity.

Kajal Agarwal was too pretty compared to the other films she acted recently. *HOW!!* But she was hardly there in the movie. Just here and there. Such a waste of pretty face! *sigh*


The songs and BGM were a stunner from Imman. My views generally change before and after seeing the visuals – for any movie. Here, one song I liked after seeing visuals is “Verasa..”. Kajal and the Vespa were too pretty. #VespaLove. ❤

“Kandaangi” was just crafted so beautifully and a piece of art in itself with vocals of Shereya Goshal & Vijay. Loved the locations, the calm, the freshness of the song and also the amazing outfits of Kajal & Vijay.


Lal Sir knows what he’s doing and has done his part really really well, from a loving dad to a Ego’ish Criminal.

I especially loved the Interval Block!

Lal Sir : Sivan illama Shakthi Illa !

Vijay : Shakthi illama EVENUM illa !


It was ofcourse a Vijay’s show all through the movie and I seriously loved it to bits. The downside.. Hmm.. too much machoness, too much style, too much power , too much lovability , just too much to handle Vijay ! :/ 😀

Its yet another feather in Vijay’s hat – no doubt. Vijay has once again proved to be Darling of the Masses – even after classy & stylish stunners like Thuppaki 😉


4.5 STARS (1)



3 thoughts on “Review : Jilla

  1. Being someone from kerala and a hardened fan of lal sir i watched this movie for his performance but as you correctly said it was vijays show all the way and glad to see with kathi and all he has improved lot as an actor 🙂


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