Captive’s Choice

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

Okay. All three sound creepy enough for me. But considering worst case scenarios, I would hesitantly prioritize them. :/ Let me see, Stranded on an island.

  • Sunny daytime.
  • Dark and freezing temperatures at night.
  • But, Jumping and playing in the ocean at any time of the day, as long as I want sounds like fun.

But.. what about the night. I would freeze to death. Okay, me being a brilliant girl (*ok, wipe that smile off now  -_- *), I would scrub stones together and create fire. Thats how they do it, right ? O_o  But,Food ?? Yes, Food is outta the equation in all the three scenarios. Atleast here there might be squirrels and birds and fishes around. Not that I might hunt them down..jus….justtt saying. *whistles* Ugghh NO. I don’t wanna go all Blue-Lagoon on an island. Just No.

Dropped into an unknown forest.

Technically speaking, are there any known forests? :O I wouldn’t know if I’m in an African forest or Ooty reserve area itself :/ So, lemme see. Greeny things around me. Plush. Nice. But along with it, comes Life. Lives of birds, animals and ugly little insects. They fly, crawl and creep me out!! And where do I sleep?

On the mud and get eaten by a Lion? Nah.

On a tree branch – doze off – fall down and get my skull broken ? No thanks.

Or injected politely by snakes or other creepy thingie? Well, Goodbye.

Then there is getting locked up in a strange building.

Protected from Rain.

Protected from Sun.

Protected from Crawling insects.

Protected from Flying insects.

Protected from hungry omnivores (Wow, I’ve been a good student in my 5th grade zoology *feels proud*).

So the only possibility of me dying is outta hunger. Well. That should do… But the island option was better, right?I’ll survive with fishes forever? Maybe some ship ll come by..? Maybe the Black Pearl ? Maybe…Jus maybe a Captain Jack Sparrow ? ❤

Put me in an island !!!

*giggles silly-ly*

This post is written as a part of DailyPostChallenge. 



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