My Life in 2014

Helloooo to the invisible world that keeps longing for my blog update!!

I have been gone for more than a week right? That’s me – keeping up my New Year Resolution :/ Well, will try to blog more regularly but hey, none can blame me though. My Work-life has been going on too beautifully. 🙂 Note the sarcasm!  Not that I’m complaining, but this is definitely not what I imagined.  O_o

If that is not enough, I’ve got to travel all the way till OMR on Saturdays too, for my classes. CLASSES!! Oh crap, I never said that here. I have got accepted into BITS Pilani for doing my MS. I knowww! Even I never imagined myself becoming a post grad and all that, things just happen right? I sent in my application half-heartedly only, but my parents  were too happy when I recieved the Offer. So, why not huh 😉 🙂 Its a work-integrated course ; I attend classes on Saturdays, Work on Weekdays. Get the full time degree that people who study at the campus get. All is well if I sacrifice roughly about 104 Saturdays. Yeah, two years it is! The stats give me a heart ache, lets skip it! Btw, why am I rambling :O What happened to my extraordinary blogging skills???  *wonders*

BITS, Pilani , Rajasthan

The happiest thing that happened to me in the recent days – I got my iPhone 5S Champagne Gold finally ♥ ♥ Its such a beauty ! Relishing every bit of it day by day ♥


I’m funny and I know it 😉 😛

And what else happened in my teeny weeny life…?? Umm…Yeah! After 16-20 days of training , I finally started driving myself to work everyday. Really happy about it. Feels so independent. I cant thank my parents enough for everything they’ve done to make me update all nice things at a go just so damn effortlessly!! I know how much of work and money have gone into all this and I will always respect and love you with or without it. Thank you both so darn much.

Although I learnt it the hard way, I never change one habit of mine. *Never ever get too close with Anyone Sharu!* This mantra just keeps repelling from my skull and I am the one who ends up getting all sad and moppy , time and around. So I shall post quotes that my mood seems to like these days . .






If you look closely at all the quotes, the theme is common. Hope. Yes, I’m unstable, runny, fragile and weak. But I simply know I will come outta this soon. Cuz after all, this is Shameem Rizwana 😉 I’ve seen enough.



What do you think ? ;)

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