Play. Play Safe ;)

The Big Day is coming. Everyone at home and my friends seem to be so excited and enthusiastic about my wedding – except me. Well, don’t get me wrong! Rahul is such a wonderful guy and I’m immensely glad about this wedding. It’s just the usual panic, you see. You are the star of the day. You get all the wanted and unwanted attention. So much that, you’ll even have to sneeze in a very modest way as everything you do would be LIVE on every television in the hall. How will I look ?? How do I suddenly become magically very gracious and composed and all that crap?? God..! I ring up my bestest friend Harini.

*Dressing room – Engagement *

Me : I’m so damn uncomfy to be in the midst of so many ppl re 😦 !
Harini : Shut up alright? You’ll do perfectly well. And trust me, this sea blue with gold work Anarkali is such a beautiful and breezy combination!
Me : Thanks Harini 🙂 (Brushes hair casually)
Harini : May I know what the hell are you doing with your hair !?
Me : Duh! I’m gonna wear a centre-clip fool. I’m ready to go.
Harini : Your the Bride for Heaven’s sake!! Now sit! (Hunts and finds my straighter and curler)
Me : But Hariniiii… I dont wanna make a mess of my hair. My wedding is coming up and I don’t wanna end up having another problem to worry about – HAIR FALL !
Harini : That will be taken care off 😉
She straightens my hair ever so patiently while I anxiously text Rahul and apologize in advance – in case I look like a mess.
Thats when she forces me to look straight in the mirror. I exhale. Wow.
She curled my hair and with some loose curls in the end such that my hair is all bouncy.
Me : Wow. It looks stunning Harinniii darlin !!! I love you to bits. What accessories are you gonna use? I wouldn’t have many, as I dont usually experiment :/
Harini : Nothing. Just go 🙂
Me : *Baffled* With a loose hair?!!!
I entered the hall nervously as expected. But when everyone complements on how gorgeous you look, it certainly boosts your confidence 🙂
And then on I happily walked about, and flaunted my curls to struck so many poses to the camera 🙂
And following that I straightened , heated, curled and styled my hair in every way possible for each of the ceremony that followed. 🙂

*buzzz buzzz* … My phone vibrates showing an Alarm Note… “Engagement Day..!!”  Godd.. I wish I could play with my hair actually.  

Tresses are really every girl’s Crown, style it whilst you protect it. You could take that extra step towards freedom with Dove 🙂

When was the last time you boasted   flaunted  showed-off  played with your hair? 😉 #DovePlay

This post is written for the DovePlay contest organized by Indiblogger.


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