Get Set Go.!! Umm, wait. Later.

What to people write for.? I mean, its nice. Having a blog, having a space where you can pour your heart out and not get judged (i wish! ) , just – a place to be, when there is no where else to go. But is that all ? Nothing beyond filling an empty portion of your life.? So to spice things up, I decided to do attempt something that I have never done before. A Blogging Challenge. I never do these things just cause of the sheer confidence in myself that I’d fail. 🙂 😛  Then why now silly? :/.. you might ask. Well, I have been doing the #100happydays challenge on instagram effectively so far for 67days. So i thought that counts for something. (Thought I messed up in the middle and posted a week’s worth picture on saturday :/ ). So let me see how this April A-Z Challenge comes up!!


Oh yeah! Not just a month long Post-Everday challenge. Its Alphabetical.! Posting everyday with the titles in Alphabetical order. (Right, You knew that. I’m just exaggerating here 😛 ). So you get the point ! Its a contest. A CHALLENGE for a sloppy one like me ! And sprinkle more difficulty in it, cause that’s how I roll 😛  I’m not promising anything here that I WILL succeed. But I will give it my BEST shot, and the little that I write is sure gonna be funny 😀 Cuz i have already decided what I’m gonna put up for every letter 😉

Let the curtains rise and the treat begin !!



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