A : About the Blogger

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here. So here goes for the day one !!


  1. I have a fear of Height. Going higher and higher is only okay as long as I don’t look down.
  2. I am tall for my age : weight ratio.
  3. I have a huge High Heel fetish!! Can’t quiet quench my thirst due to my already-tall factor and I’m heartbroken that I won’t be wearing a studded stiletto on my wedding.
  4. I can listen to a few set of songs on repeat for a whole day. And I have certain everlasting favs. Adiye Kolludhey is my go-to song since Varanam Aayiram release, till now.
  5. I use straw to have my coffee at home. Don’t ask why. I just do.
  6. I hate gardening. I’d love to sit at a beautifully maintained lawn any time of the day and keep listening to music and all that.It’s just that I hate being the one maintaining all those greeny things.
  7. I have met with a small accident while rushing to my tution centre in cycle. Victim : Me in a Pink LadyBird. Villain : M80 Uncle.
  8. I had a pet cat in my old house. It’s a stray kitty. Supposed to be. But we feed it. It sleeps in our hosue all the time Its practically ours. It suddenly vanished one day and my mom says, some tribe people hunted it and took it in a net. I still refuse to accept that. Her name was Paussy. I loved her.
  9. I hate grocery shopping. I just HATE it. Roaming round and round in a confined space with too many brands yelling at your face ‘BUY ME!!’ is not my kinda place.
  10. I have never seen a ghost movie. Like Omen, Exorcist and all that. Im scared shitless. But I always wanna be those brave kinda girls who so casually enjoy it with coke and popcorn.


That would be it. I have said more that I intended to I suppose. Lol.

Have a great day everyone 🙂 x




12 thoughts on “A : About the Blogger

  1. I can’t, CAN’T, watch scary movies or anything with torturing scenes in them. I have a quivering fear of heights. I have a cat and I am so sorry you lost yours, I would be devastated and wouldn’t want to believe it either! I am tall but I really don’t like high heals and at this point in my life I would probably break something if I wore them. I love music, all different kinds.

    May you have a beautiful and love filled wedding day but an even more love filled marriage.


    1. Wow its like your a part of me living a different life. That is immensely sweet of you for sharing so much about yourself. Protect and cherish your cat at all times Morgan, They are real treasures. I hope mine is still alive and healthy somewhere.

      And thank you so much for your wishes on my marriage, Feels so nice. The world is still a good place ! 🙂


  2. Sweet things to know.. 🙂 Im also scared as hell to watch ghost movies. But I tried to be a brave girl and watched Exorcism of Emily Rose. it still haunts…. Gosh!! Tonight I’m not going to get a good sleep.. Booohooo!! :O :O
    P.S: I could watch the movie only by covering my face with my hands and pepping in btw my fingers 😛


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