D : Dear Diary

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here

I couldn’t do what I had PLANNED for the letter “D”. That actually needed an effort, which I totally forgot to take today. So I’m just making this, a ‘Dear Diary’  post. Yes, exxxactly how i ramble to my personal diary (thats some 5-6 years back!).  You might very well skip this. Its too random for my own liking. :/ But this is how my brain functions at.the.moment.


Dear Diary,

I dont know what I’m doing right now. I’m tired and exhausted from work. I have my MS exam tomorrow – Database that too!  I hate (India needs 33 to win from 22 balls against South Africa..Runs to the TV * Resuming after 15mins* Yayy!! India won the match !!! LOL  )  travelling all the way to OMR even on weekends – yeah, Saturday AND Sunday for my exams! I’am a human being too :O 😦 And you know what, I have to start browsing materials and all that Now.! I need a break. Like, seriously Diary. I wanna disappear for some 10-15 days. Or maybe even a month. ❤ Go to some exotic beach resort in Mauritius or Maldives, stay there, do nothing.. God, I’m getting hurt even thinking about something nice and pleasant Diary 😦


And Maan Karate released today. Getting negative reviews all over. But somehow I refuse to believe.  😦 Hey its Shivakarthikeyen yaar…He knows to make us laugh even with no topic right? :O He was just a Reality show comedian – turned – actor.  Maybe thats the problem. He is trying to FIT IN ! :/ Wel, I’ll watch the movie and get back with my review.


I just had Tropicana Apple now. I better go prepare a little for my exam and sleep.


Good night diary.



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