K : Keep it simple !

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.



Simplicity is often misunderstood for Plain. Nah, it is classy and it is elegance. The more you complicate and work on the intricate details, the more you miss out on the big picture. From the way we dress to the way we carry ourselves, we give out so much more before we even start to speak.  I’m lovin’ reading about street style as well as runway fashion at the moment. So some effortless and easy-to-carry-but-friggin-hard-to-achieve styles for you.











because after-all…

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

-Leonardo da Vinci





2 thoughts on “K : Keep it simple !

  1. Stopping by on the 12th day of the #atozchallenge. Having a good time today blog hopping, saying hi and moving on.Keeping it simple in my garden this spring because I’ve reached an age when the work isn’t so SIMPLE anymore. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come and visit.


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