L : Life and all that

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.


My life is a roller-coaster ride. Yeah, you’ve heard read every blogger write that. But its kinda true. Everyone goes through “phases”. Mine is weird at the moment. I mean, it’s all good. I rise and shine, *shine itseems, lol*..Get ready for work, have a mixed kind of day there, the day made much much better with awesome friends, come back home , scroll every social network I am part of, sleep. It’s not that bad isnt it? But its kind of a routine. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. If I meet my school friend whom I met ages during some reunion, I would tell her the same stuff I said a year ago. Same old, same old. 

Whether I should be worried that nothing is ever HAPPENING in my life, or GLAD that nothing has changed …I don’t  know.

Hence the confusion of the constitution. And I have found my love for reading again.

book-girl-grass-reading-sunlight-Favim.com-127689I used to read a lot before. Became a member of many awesome libraries and read like a manic. *Being a only shy-type child at home, what do you expect huh? Yeah.. I’m talking about “me”. Why the smug face? :/But getting books from the library would not work now I guess. I finish books within a week and go back to the library-anna, all jumpy and bouncy to get another book those days.

Now I wouldn’t be able to devote such huge chunk of my time to reading. So I will read little by little and hence the moral of the story is that I’m gonna go place an order on flipkart now. Any suggessions for a good book is welcome. I’m a detective/mystery/romance kind of girl. Mind wants mystery now. I wanna be engrossed in something :/ I’m thinking to much for my own good.

Also why do I always like things that I will never be able to call MINE ? *Sigh*

I just wanna live , laugh and love like how anybody would want to. *Ignore the cliche 😀 *


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