M : Movies

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.


I’m not a big of movie buff. But I enjoy going to the cinemas, spending ridiculous amounts at the exclusive snack bars and coming out of the cinema hall with a silly grin/smudged mascara (sad endings, me no likey!)
Some of the movies I watched of late 🙂

Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum :
It was a breezy entertainer that portrayed the love for the car. The landlord’s craziness over the car and the driver’s affection that the car should not get back to its owner (yeah, it’s twisted that way 😀 ) was really adorable and not evil. My mom had the same car back in town, and their family was one of very very few people who owned a car. So she beams with joy and her face illuminates everytime she watches some scene from the movie 🙂

Ivan Vera Mathiri :
Was an average story line where the hero kidnaps the corrupt minister’s bro until he resigns. What I loved about the movie was the heroine’s role who will be so crazily going behind the guy. Hey there new concept! Welcome to kollywood. 😉

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal :

Santhanam film. Good laugh 🙂

Divergent :

It was kickass !! Trust me when I say I’m an absolute Hunger Games girl. But this movie was WHOA.I’m not comparing it with HG, because the story-line is entirely different and it doesn’t mean if the lead role is female, we immediately have to go jump and compare! But Shailene was just brilliant!! Theo as Four…*sigh* ..HOT STUFF !! I’m not even having the capacity to describe anymore 😀 I loved so many scenes from the movie.. Especially this :

Kate : Maybe you’re not as Dauntless as you think you are! *smug face*

Tris : Oh yeah, I’m Divergent !! (Does a super awesome *THING* now! )

I literally wanted to stand up and cheer for her, jus controlled as it was the opening day of Luxe 😀

What was the last movie you watched.? 🙂



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