O : Be Original

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here. I’ve got 11 more days to complete this challenge and I’m understandably exhausted. Hope I survive it.!!



Originality is something that’s lost these days. Everything is a repeat. From music to fashion trends, everything has been done and said. I understand it’s nothing to blame in a planet that keeps recycling humans at this rate. But our characters are the only possession we own and that is entirely in our control. Meanwhile, we happily switch it to Auto-control and take a backseat. Why?

I’m not in anyway proclaiming to be Original. I have my own faults. I change. I learn. I pretend. But that I wish to believe is because of the need of the society. You have to fit-in. You will be talked about either ways – whether you are Popular or in a Scandal doesn’t matter anymore. So I find the grey areas and try to gel in which I don’t really like nor encourage. Each one of us is a free spirit, celebrate your originality 🙂







Andd…talking so much about Originality, I HAVE to mention about “The Originals”. It’s a sub-series of Vampire Diaries – entirely about the Originals. They existed even before Vampires were created. Yeah, right 😀

(L-R) Elijah, Hayley, Marcel, Klaus *sighhh*, Rebecca

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