P : Poetry

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.


I never really tried my hand at Poetry :/ *Try Pannita Mattum? Adhane? Rightu Vidunga 😀 * I write a lot, rant, ramble, scribble, any-which way you put it.. I am not very good with the rhyme-scheming. I know Poetry is a lot more than rhyming lines, it needs to be intense , something dark, something that conveys so much to the reader – but not so direct. And that is why I knew I’d fail at poetry writing miserably 😛

Last month for Women’s Day, they conducted a small poetry competition and I thought I’ll give it a try. Cause we all think ours’  will be the most awkward one. So no one would participate and hence I’ll win without a competition 😛 But *POOF* !! All the contests were exclusively for Women, due to lack of participation in this one alone , they let the guys participate as guys will have more to write about Women than Women themselves. My plan goes in vain and someone else won 😦

But one thing in the process is that, I attempted some crappy stuff. Here goes :

Mysterious Magic

The wind ruffles her hair

   Cause looking that good is unfair

You could walk a mile

   Just to see her smile

The mystery lies

  In the kohl lined eyes

She vanishes in a moment

  Leaving you in a trance.


Yeah, you can very well give the *duh* face to me. Casue that’s what I’ve been giving myself ever since 😀




2 thoughts on “P : Poetry

  1. Hi Sharu, Just dropping in from the A-Z challenge. I’m with you; it’s been exhausting! I still don’t know what I’m writing about for today’s letter! I enjoyed your poem. Don’t knock it; it’s good! I’m a writer, but poetry is something I just don’t have the talent for. Oh well, right? Good luck on the rest of your posts.


    1. That was really really kind of you to drop by Abby. And such comforting words. I’m feeling better with company even in this exhausting journey. I hope we make it to the end Abby. 🙂 I’m sure we will 🙂 Good luck to you too.


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