R : Rainy day

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.


She woke up to the sound of rain slashing against her window pane. The blanket with tiny blue flowers and the soft mattress on her Queen size bed had never felt so comfortable. She hugged her blanket closer and thought of tall never-ending hills, too much of greenery, every flower in the vicinity dripping wet.. She imagined walking in wet mud road, while the rain that has calmed down a bit,patiently but steadily pours down and wets her soul..She imagined herself jumping a little higher and ruffling the branches so that it rains on her much more fiercely..and then her phone vibrates near her pillow.. “Rainy Morning Guys!! “ – a message in her school Whatsapp group.

She checks the time and climbs reluctantly out of bed and slides away the curtain to find the street all wet and dirty. People were jumping and walking carefully to avoid the mud puddles formed everywhere. She sighed and went on to get ready for work. She suddenly hated going out on a rainy day.

My first ever fiction.I mean, not entirely, I could very well relate to it. But it is still my imagination of how I would feel on one rainy morning. As very blah it maybe, it is somewhat special to me. So please be kind guys :/ Lol. That too, typing this down on a hot vaporizing sunny summer day… I’m very much longing for the November rain already!!



One thought on “R : Rainy day

  1. I think it was great! I actually thought it was in another time period, not sure why, I mean nothing you specifically said would hint that but I was definitely surprised to see whatsapp 🙂


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