S : Survival

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.



Okay, now this is tough. We come across so many people in our lives and we register only a few. Someone that we can connect to, someone we could relate to, will be those few people whom we always have in our minds no matter in what frequency you talk to them. Something just clicks! But all is well only till you both are put into a HungerGames arcade and asked to fight. There will be only one winner. What would you do then?

Will the bonding that you so beautifully maintained, just break? Or you call it quits? No one does that. No one would die and let live. Its not even appropriate nor logical. So how do we strike a balance? What is important? To whom should we give the utmost priority? These questions just resonate inside everyone most of us. But the answers are always different.

This is a strange world that we live in, where anything is done to achieve what you want. Are you even an achiever when you snatch something that isnt rightfully yours from someone else? Life would throw you a million reasons to cry and break.. Just dont succumb to the mad race of survival. You are much more than that. 🙂



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