W : Wishlist 2014

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I was ranting about here.


Lusting after material stuff is common right? Cause I tend to that a lot.. My recent list of   necessities favorites . Some stuff, I’m getting them soon, some – hopefully one day, some – I just wish I could.




The Capresse Leaf Green Sling. It’s jus too cool isn’t it? I already have two bags in Capresse and spent nearly 6000 on this brand. So I’m pushing this away every time it blinks it puppy bag eyes at me. But…Too cute this is. ! *sigh*




Low Boots. I love the high-pointy-heel one’s more. But since I clearly can’t wear it, I settled down for this. Its cool too right? Someday where I live in a more appropriate place to wear this. Sureshot 😉 


large (1)


Jimmy Choo Black Stilettos. EVERYTHING about this is PERFECT !!! Just not for me 😥 *heart shatters* *sobs*



If we shift our house, I’m gonna dump the boring sandal and brown bedspreads I’ve got and change everything to floral. I have been longing for a themed room so long. Umm..too much? hey! Im allowed to make a wish !!


Accessorize. That shop is making me go crazy. I’m gonna close my eyes and splurge on “bracelets” soon. I just dont know when I’m gonna do the damage *bites off nails*


I have a love for Wave Print iPhone cases ever since I saw  my favorite YouTube Hair Stylist Mimikon use that. She has the same in black and white. This is what I’m gonna order. Like, after completing this post probably 🙂 Or should I wait? Any iPhone case website suggestions?? 


‘ THE ‘ Red Lipstick. Hunt for the perfect Red. I dont own a lipstick yet. Yeah right. Thank you very much. But I want a perfect red. Anne Hathaway can pull off anything okay? :/


Heavy watches. I absolutely adore them. Even if not Fossil (already have one Fossil. Let’s not be greedy.) I need a Fastrack one atleast. For that to happen, I need to gain weight first – so that it doesn’t look umm.. odd..on my fragile arms . So stay in the list some time longer, you !


Nothing needs to be said here I guess. I want a swing. A bamboo swing. In my balcony. End of Story.

So that’s it I’m lusting after now. Now or never I dono. If it’s worth it, and if I’am worth owning it, I hope I get the stuff someday. I can wait. I’m a very patient person 😉 After all good things come to those who wait, right ? 🙂



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