Reflection : A-Z Challenge

I’m done with this. I’m understandably exhausted. I’m drained. I don’t even know if I will have the power and will to blog anymore. This A-Z Challenge has been one heck of a ride. It clearly wasn’t a bad experience. I learned a lot. What I am willing to write, around what stuff my thought process revolves, when I hit the saturation point and when all my thoughts gets completely drained and I simply look at the screen blankly. It helped me analyze myself to a point beyond my own expectations. And that’s not it, I got to read so many wonderful blogs and come across such awesome people. Thanks a ton to A-Z for making that happen.

survivor-atoz [2014]


But…trust me when I say this monthly contest drains you bad. It gave me panic attacks when I come home all exhausted, breathe, have my dinner and comfortably settle in my bed and suddenly it hits my brain (but thankfully though!) that I haven’t updated yet ! I check the phone and it’s almost 12..most of the times a little over 11:30PM and I wake up and run searching for my laptop. !! It purely sucked those times, truthfully. But then I found an alternative way of updating a rough draft through my iPhone before midnight and later updating it the next day. That trick helped.

Talking about improvisations, the next time I take up a monthly challenge, I’m sure gonna pick a theme and stick to it throughout with topics planned well-in-advance for all the alphabets. That would save so much trouble I felt 🙂

So in spite of several ups and downs over the past month, the challenge will always remain special. Especially.. Thanks to all my friends who sincerely subscribed and read every single post of mine. So now I can take a well deserved break from blogging and be back after I grow some stuff in my brain I guess.

Hearty congratulations to every other blogger who have successfully completed the challenge and good luck to those who discontinued this time. There is always a next time. Always 🙂





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