Review : X-Men: Days of Future Past

For someone like me, who hasn’t seen even a single X-Men movie and also not being a very big fan of Super Hero subjects, I was understandably blank. o_O I had no expectations nor curiosity. The only thing I knew about the movie was that one guy has knuckles that could extent and shred the enemies. *Yeah, I knew only THAT much*  So once I went to the movie, with the 3D Glasses on, everything was new and exciting and I had NO idea what to expect!


Talking about the movie, as of today, the humans have created sentinels and hunted down most of the mutants. The mutants are almost facing extinction. The sentinels were first unleashed in the 1973 after Mystique killed Bolivar Trask, the military scientist and the creator of the Sentinels. Soon after that, Mystique was captured and her DNA is used to make the sentinels adapt to the mutant powers. So Prof. Xavier of today, comes up with a plan to send his consciousness back to the time in past and change the happenings. But Kitty suggests she can not send back Prof as he will not be able to withstand it. So Wolverine volunteers to go back in time as his healing powers would save him in case of any mishaps ! Prof asks him to go back to 1973 and convince the shattered Charles Xavier and make him work with Eric to rewrite history.

Sentinels - the biggies.
Sentinels – the biggies.

So, did Wolverine successfully go back to the past, did the plan of bringing stubborn-broken Charles and Eric together and working out a master plan to convince Mystique that it’s not a great idea to kill Trask actually worked is the rest of the story. If at all they succeeded in changing the events, how else would the future unwrap is the suspense. When Wolverine comes back to the future i.e., 50 years after 1973..He would have no clue what kind of future he is in. The kind of future that sent him back is gone. So the viewers get to experience a whole lot of new twists there!!

Raven / Mystique

Although I never watched the series before I must admit it was an amaaaazing movie and kept us all entertained till the end. I loved so many scenes especially when Quicksilver helps Eric to escape from the Pentagon, being sooper fast ; and also when they show the bullet-shot to bullet-hit scene gap in slow motion –  that’s normal speed for Quicksilver 😀 Adorable he is, beautiful BGM in that particular scene too!  😛 Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, JLaw (wow :* ! ) – everyone were brilliant. I’ve already decide to download all the previous X-Men movies 😉 Yeah, that good!!


P.S. Next up, Kochadaiyaan review 😀 !!!




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