Free Flow

Day 1 : This post is part of Writing 101 Blogging.U Challenge.

Well, this is day one of the Writing 101 challenge and I’m super excited! I have already done the April A-Z challenge, but this is a totally new type of fun. I’m not gonna be breaking my mind on WHAT to write this time around, as I will be having prompts.

For the day one, we’ve just got to Unlock the mind. Free write for 20 minutes, all the crap that is currently forming my thought-process. Well, its a wicked thing, I tell you 😛  I have too much on my mind right now, that I’m struggling to streamline it and focus on something. Writers block is mostly this issue to me. Its not that I do not have anything to write. I have too many topics but find it difficult to focus. And it’s happening again.

So yeah, I’m revealing my deepest darkest secret now, out to the world.  I always wanted to write a novel. Okay, I may sound too much of a wanna-be types. :/  But there is nothing wrong with fantasizing alright? B-) If I ever write a book, it would be Mystery. I don’t know if I’d be able to pull it off. Maintaining the suspense, making sure the readers don’t predict the twists and climax,  shading your pages with that grey cloud stuff, its really hard-work you know. But that’s the fun part. I would write and re-write and re-write until I create the Mother of all mystery novels. *flips hair* No offence to Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle etc O_o

I’d start writing about a mysterious girl on a gloomy rainy morning in NY city waiting for him in her car. She keeps observing everyone who comes out of the street, waiting patiently for that one person. Her heart races till she could not even take it anymore. And at that moment, he emerges out of the street. In the crowded street, buzzing with people rushing unwillingly to their work, she spots him. She gets out of her car and..


Whoops ! 20 minutes up ! Cya tomorrow ! 😀

Cheers x



10 thoughts on “Free Flow

  1. Looks like you and me share a secret! I would love to write a book. But it wouldn’t be a mystery story in my case: I want to write a fairytale.

    I look forward to reading more from you!


    1. Who doesn’t love a good dose of fairytale? Im just not sure if I would be able to make it that magical. I really hope u write a fairytale 🙂

      Heading to your blog.. Gud luck Lyrallya! 🙂


  2. An interesting blog. You have not given too much information on yourself which makes you more interesting on further posts. I’m looking forward to seeing future pieces from you.


    1. That is genuinely kind of you 🙂 Will keep writing more and do stop by every now and then for valuable feedbacks 🙂

      Heading to ur blog now.. Gud luck on ur challenge ! 🙂


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