The Best Friend

Day 6 : This post is part of Writing 101 Blogging.U Challenge.

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014.

Not everyone is lucky. Or to be more specific, not everyone has the charm of connecting to people instantly. She was one such person. She observes, reads and understands people. Doesn’t really connect. She was with everyone and also with no one all the same time. And then, there he was.Came out of no where. So charming and easy. His effortless way of talking, very cool even when hell breaks loose, and ever smiling. That radiant smile, makes her skip a beat every time it’s directed at her.

‘How can he smile at me like that ? ‘ she wonders. ‘We haven’t even spoke yet’.

‘Hey hi.. 🙂 ‘ he says. And she instantly returns the smile. It felt too wrong to not be happy around him.She thought he would just be another person whom she longed to be. Little did she know, that she’d be with him and they’ll be the best of friends. He might not break the bones of the guys who mess with me or be over protective like a big brother. He’ll not even hesitate to say she looks like crap or that her Profile Pic sucks. But when she’s down, he’ll make her smile 🙂 For a lifetime may come and go, the friendship stands strong.


Friends are for lifetime and he taught her that.

Thanks for being there for me. 🙂

*Fiction alert ! 😀


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