The Charm

Day 7 : This post is part of Writing 101 Blogging.U Challenge.

Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

The folks at Blogging.U definitely work hard on making sure we break our heads. Well well, contrasts! Here we go.

She wasn’t needed anymore. She felt useless and heavy. She was not anyone’s preference. They have moved on.

“Oh, look at you.. All sad and grumpy.”

She turns around to find the iPad standing in all its shining glory with a smug smile plastered on his face.

“Well, not at all. I’m happy and satisfied. I’m always taken along during the best of times..Vacations, Travel and Night Stands. I’m content enough”, she says and tried to stay calm.

“Maybe you were taken along. Wake up! You are no more than a heavy load and useless piece of junk these days. You are already extinct, my dear Book! Just learn to live with it!”, spat the iPad.

Book was feeling hurt and shattered. Not because of how rude the iPad was, but because he had said the plain truth.

But still she defended herself, “But I do not need anything to accompany me, you cannot even last a day without a charger! Ha! ”

“Says the book who always has the same story written on her pages. You are never updated..Just an old piece. Once they have read you, you are just useless. You spend the rest of your life in the shelf, cursing your existence 😀 Whereas me, oh I’m just plain brilliance. I always have new things to offer. Endless possibilities! 😉 ” said the iPad, boasting himself.

By now, the book got thoroughly furious. “Oh, you think so? You are just an useless slate if I click that one button on top. I’m not! You break ad crack if you fall, I do not.! You get stolen and mishandled.. I do not!”

“Of course, I’m worth stealing 😉 I’m designed to awe and I’m sleek and slim..unlike you fatty 😀 ”

She couldn’t talk back anymore. She chose to stay quiet. She has served her purpose. It’s her time to leave for real maybe..and then she heard her Owner speak.

“Sarah, your vision is already getting blurry. If you don’t wanna wear glasses, stop watching TV so much and also reduce using the laptop for long hours. And absolutely no chatting , late night ! ”

“But mom, I’m not sleepy..I can’t keep twisting and twirling all night with nothing to do..”, Sarah whined.

“Okay, then read a book. It helps you learn so much and doesn’t  hurt your eyes at night.”

And then Sarah’s mom picks up the book and hands it over to her.

The book smiles as Sarah starts reading the Prologue.





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