Review : Mundasupatti

No, I’m not gonna try to build up the temper like how I usually do. It was such a fresh attempt, a fun riot! Go watch the movie right away if you haven’t yet!! *I’m exaggerating.. After reading this ofcourse* 

I won kind of won in a contest and got two complementary passes for the movie.  I would have watched the movie anyways, so I was more than excited on the offer. And it was Satyam Main Screen Elite. Yippie!! 🙂 *more brownie points*


There is an asteroid that falls in a village called Mundasupatti. An English Scientist finds that it’s too too precious. People of Mundasupatti strictly follow a myth that if you are photographed, you’d die. Only after a person is dead,they take a picture of the corpse and hang it in the hall. Our hero Gopi (Vishnu) is from a nearby village. He owns a photo studio and is the most sought after photographer. Our heroine Nandita studies in the town where our hero has the studio. The scientist dies and his son gets to know about the asteroid and comes over to India in search for it. He strikes a deal with a neighboring town Jameen (Descendants of the King uh?). Heroine stops going to school. Why the photographer Gopi is called to the No-Photography-Zone Mundasupatti  and what happens after is a 2hour 15mins laugh riot.

Did anything I mentioned above made sense to you? No right? But you’ll laugh like a silly in the movie theatre along with the entire hall. Its rare these days that the entire audience, irrespective of mindsets and tastes laugh along and enjoy a movie. It happened here 🙂 And I’m very very happy to have watched this brilliant movie 🙂

Vishnu was brilliant. The entire movie happens in the 80’s and he has that charm and style. Nandita, of our very own ‘Kumudha happy annachi’ fame has also done justice to the role of a girl who is torn apart between love and family. No, not serious drama. It’s fun 😀

Nandita sure wants to change her image 😀 P.S. I got that tee as a gift too 😀

Then another two special mentions. Kaali Venkat, better referred to as ‘Nambi anna’ of Thegidi fame is Vishnu’s friend and is not neglected in any part of the movie. His timing and spontaneity is brilliant. 😀 And Ramdoss as Munis Khan, I think he is a new find. (Correct me if I’m wrong). Amaaazzing humor 😀 They add all the much needed fun element to the film.

The songs were an instant click and Sean Roldan will be ravedddd for the days to come! No one will get over ‘Rasa Magarasa’ anytime soon 😀 The director’s touch of an Death @ Romance or Romance @ Death is adorable 😀

So, hats off to Ram Kumar for such a brilliant and fresh attempt. He is here to stay 🙂



P.S. I won these tickets through a contest held at mymundasupattistyle site. This was one of the selected entries 😀






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