Reading books has reduced dramatically in today’s youth. Kids who read books are treated as socially incapable nerds. What is your take on this topic? #BookWorm

Who comes up with topics like these anyway? Books. I cant fathom into coherent thoughts, the way I feel about books. They say we can judge a person by looking at his friends. I ‘d say that is most probably wrong. You would always have an assorted gang to hang around with, to strike that balance. We aren’t an army of minions, I mean. *Well, even they have a certain degree of uniqueness in them. The one eyes one and all.* Okay, pulling myself back to the topic in hand – Books.

Reading a book not because it is a famous book or a raved about book and just reading for the pleasure of it, is something totally admirable. Not everyone can read. By reading, I do not mean flipping through the pages.  Indulging and involving yourself in the plot, getting hurt when a character dies and getting ripped apart when things go terribly wrong and shedding a few happy tears when they break all odds and get back together! :’) Yes, THAT kind of reading happens to some of us and that comes with a cost. And that s when the labelling happens. I was an avid reader myself and being the only child at home, I had ample time to do whatever I want. After the social media craze wore out, I started reading and enjoyed it more than I ever imagined. I liked travelling in the unknown lands where I would never go and be anyone I wanted to be. And the moment of disappointment when we close the book and reality sinks in, I loved that. But I was very easily identified as ‘boring’ or ‘not-an-outgoing-type’ person. People start leaving you out and neglect you assuming that you would enjoy spending your evening with a book rather than hang out with a bunch of people. If you ask me, genuinely yes.

ANY book is better than SOME people.

*Yeah, I just came up with that :O * So I dint like this rejection and tried to socialize and mingle more – sacrificing my reading.  And I have not done a bigger blunder 🙂 Now that I am back to my reading ways, I am a more complete and satisfied person; making sure I strike that much needed balance with social life.



What do you think ? ;)

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