Starbucks Mermaid

I find her hot. I mean, she is expensive, hot *pun intended* , and popular. The Jade Queen. 😉


And seeing that I remembered that I’m growing out my hair for that sexy long tresses. I thought I was DONE with long hair for my whole life after school. Like, my hair ends somewhere near my waist and no specific cuts. Just long straight boring hair. Couldn’t try different cuts and hairdos. Became too hard to maintain and chopped them off. Not straight away, was kinda guilty. Little by little untill they were jus till my shoulder when I went for a layer cut.!

I loved the layers though, so no regrets there. But now I’m stuck between my love for layers and my love for long hair again. So I brilliantly concluded that I’d go for long layers *eurekha!!*



Okay now, dont give me the duh face. But layer cut shortens the length and if you want to have long layers, you should be having a longer hair. And hence the growing out part.

The thing that sucks the most is, my hair is all uneven and creepy at the ends but I cant go and even it out nor trim it. Then it’ll stay the same length forever -_- Gimme the strength to go through this tough phase oh good lord ! *deep sigh*



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