Creativity is the Key

At times, the creativity is all that matters.

Content is the King and Creativity is the Key.

The movie Vela Illa Pattadhari (VIP meaning Unemployed Degree Holder) has been raved and loved by all. It was a power-packed film and one of the very few that HAS to be watched in theatres just for the energising feel it gives. I watched it on the release weekend itself, but dint review it as the internet is overflowing with reviews and different takes on that film. It’s a must watch, do not miss. Dhanush was a cracker!

Now, watch the trailer once. Even if you have watched it already, watch it once to enjoy the latter part more. 🙂

Vela Illa Pattadhaari – VIP 


That. That was a killer trailer. And the Computer Science Dept of SSN College of Engineering,Chennai has used the VIP vibe very well and ended up creating a promo for their college symposium (they call it PARADIGM) with that as a base note and adapting the trailer to their situations. The concept, idea and dialogues are by Nirmal Henry, Directed by Vignesh Sha and the Mini Dhanush we see here is Mohan Kumar. 😀 Absolute brilliance!

Veralevel Indha Paradigm – VIP 

What do you think ? 😉 Being a CSE-ian myself, although from a different college, I felt proud – is something needless to say.


P.S : This kickass symposium is on 5th Septemeber,2014. Do visit 🙂

P.P.S : I’m not paid. 😛  A genuine well wisher for the efforts 😀




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