Top 5 To-Do Apps

What tools do you use to keep organized so things on your to-do list don’t slip through the cracks?

Being organized comes naturally to some people. They know what has to be done and what are the stuffs that have to be taken care off. For me, even with an obsessive compulsive disorder on hygiene and organization, I need tools (read: apps) to keep myself on track. I have tried and tested almost all the apps under the “Productivity” category in Google Play and Appstore and exhausted myself. How productive I was, only God knows! 😀 So some of the Hits I’ll list down. *if at all you need a helping hand lovely*

Top 5 To-Dp

1.Wunderlist (iOS & Android)

This is my HG to-do app. It has preset categories and all you have to do is put this this task in that that folder and you are ready to go. 😀  And the sync is marvelous !

18550_Wunderlist iPhone


2. Any.DO (iOS & Android)

It is no less than Wunderlist. I have just grown out of it. Pristine white app. It has an option to turn it all black, but I dig white more ! ^_^ And I love the little little boosts it gives every now and then 😉




3. Timeful (iOS)

Currently testing this. It looks clean and clear. Very helpful for planning out the day. Must have! 🙂 Also you set set “Habits” and make sure it reminds you to stick to it 🙂 User friendly app! 🙂



4.Reminders (iOS)

When you’re hasty, go for it !

HT4970_01-ios_7-reminders_notifications-002-en     HT4970_02-ios_7-reminders-new_list-002-en

5.ColorNote (Android)

Nothing fancy here. Just plain notes. But the simplicity and accessibility of this app comes in handy most of the times. (When I was using S3).


What do you use ? Or you’re awesome enough to manage your time by yourself. ? 😉

Image Source : Google 



What do you think ? ;)

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