Voice Out – Tarun Tahiliani

Anything Designer has always been a facsination and dream to most! We can save up and splurge on one designer dress or shoe at the maximum, and regret later thinking about it. But trust me, I follow this.

Anything designer, is an investment !

But what more could you ask for when the designer himself steps forward to answer all your fashion and styling queries!


Catch the most amazing Tarun Tahiliani, co-founder of Ensemble and one of India’s most popular designer of our times on Twitter on 6th August 2014 at 5.30 PM IST. He is known for his exceptional blend of tradional aesthetics in modern design. His bridal wears are always in a whole different league.

Get ready to break all barriers and avoid any fashion faux pas by tweeting your questions to @Exclusivelyin & @Tarun_Tahiliani. Use #BazaarTT for your tweet to get noticed !

Good luck darlings! 😉

Visit his website and get awed by his collections: http://www.taruntahiliani.com/




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