Are you sure?

“Holy cow! This is a custom made piece, just for me !! ”

And then the next second, but it is sheer no? Will I be able to wear it all the year ? Is the price worth it? IS this shade actually enhancing my skin tone or making me look dull?”

That is precisely the story of my life. I can never decide on clothes.I need expert advice and almost most all the time, the expert would be my mom.


She knows what looks good on me and ALSO what makes me look good. 😉 I just don’t know how she does that! Also at times, I repel and ask her to keep her opinions to herself when I like a dress too much. But later when I try it on at home, I’ll be like ” It’s such a cute dress – but not on me! 😐 ” . I wouldn’t like to have it any other way 🙂




This post is written as part of Daily Post.


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