Random Ramble

Hi ! To the person who follows my blog, pretends to be very friendly but stealthily steal bits and pieces from my blog and incorporate in yours. GET A LIFE !! Are you so stewpid that you thought, I wouldn’t notice.?! You are so disgusting and blog for yourself with what you have and what you come up with.

Pathetic you are.

@ Others : I  just HAD to let off the steam as that so-called-blogger is currently dissecting my blog wondering what to steal next.

Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Random Ramble

            1. These are the stuff that wouldn’t be too obvious. If it was content theft, any one ll spot it. :/ These things, only I can – cause I came up with those. 😐 Mine, might not be a great popular blog, but its mine and gave it all my thought. So I kind of feel irritated and upset.


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