I’m blank because…

Finally I decided to give it a shot. The Write Tribe. I have decided to join the bandwagon three weeks late. I was very skeptical about committing to blogging daily as I don’t take things lightly. If I go a day without posting, I will start feeling depressed and frustrated with myself and discontinue the contest. :/ But now I have decided not to give in too much thought into it and just get on with it. 🙂

I’m starting with a beautiful prompt inspired by Little Miss Momma on her blog. Here goes..



I’m weird because…

I have my closet color coordinated.

I dont like plain nails on me.

I am the most non-punctual person you’re ever likely to meet.

I complete my popcorn before intermission.

I do not have a sweet tooth.

I am NOT fond of chocolates and ice-creams and my friends believe I’m not human.

I hate copying. I’ll go the extent of complaining them to the staff as I feel they steal other’s hardwork. *pfft*

I love written assignments and records given in college. No one does.

I am growing distant from the love I once had for music and I’m yet to figure out why.

I am not much of a texting person and I secretly hope whatsapp goes out of trend soon.

Black gives me confidence. Shoes, bag or clothes. I’m intolerable when wearing black!

I’d rather drive all day than sit back in the car watching outside the window.

I’m one among those who pretends to text when I’m alone in a crowd.

I’m a bad friend because…

I hate talking over the phone.

I’m a big time conversation killer. Without even attempting to.

I forget birthdays and never wish at midnight (even with alarm, I fail to wake up 😦 )

I love striking off things from a to-do list.

I will say what I feel on your face, even if that’s not what you wanted to hear.

I’m a good friend because…

I love planning surprises for friends.

I never go without replying. Either in 10secs or two days later. I will reply.

I am good at pep-talks 🙂

I will say what I feel on your face, even if that’s not what you wanted to hear.

I’m sad because…



I’m the only child 😦

I am not even close to the kind of blogger I want to be.

I fight with my mom. A lot.

I struggle to keep down my temper.

Homeless animals break my heart.

I’m happy because…



I’m the only child B-) 😀

I’m so happy for taking up blogging as a platform.

I’m a Chennai’ite.

Life is colorful. The crayon I picked today maybe black or grey, but I might get a yellow or pink too.

Follower count doesnt affect me. Stats make me immensely happy 🙂

I’m excited for…

Family gettogether. As it is very rare, considering each one is in a different country.

My workplace Culturals that is coming up.

Fresh starts. A new page.


Fill in the prompts as they fit you–either in the comments section, or on your own blog and then leave a link here  in the comments so others can visit. 🙂



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