Sweet Home !

Home is where the heart is

I know everyone of you will agree to that. I would be lying if I say, I ‘d rather stay at home than go on a world tour. But the world tour loses its charm if there is no home to come back to!

So when Blogadda came up with this contest, I can’t be any more happier. Make My Home. I have so many ideas and have done such wide research on how I want my dream home to look like. But to select three items for the given special link and style it, so that the space screams “SHARU” — it was a task! Here is what I picked to give it a contemporary theme with a chic entry 😉


This Door Sticker is so chic and classy. Although I am not the one who wears shorts and plugs in my earphone; and walk with no care in the world, I like the vibe this gives. It is a strictly girl space and oozes confidence and style. Guess, that I am!  😉


A room is not a room if it doesn’t have a theme. It needn’t be all expensive sleek and black furniture and decor that does the magic. You can’t paint your room a particular color, just because it’s your interior designer’s choice or the current trend. It’s your room. Your home. It has to make you feel you-er (don’t look that up).  If you do not feel yourself in your own room, we loose the point here.

I would set my theme as teal and grey. Its a pleasant color. Nothing too tacky or on-the-face. Teal always gives me a soothing sensation and that would highlight my spirits. Hence what better than to hang this devastatingly beautiful silver mirror in my living area that accentuates the background.



Rugs are so under-rated in our country. It is a common misconception that rugs are only to keep us warm from the cold floors – so not at all for the Indian Homes. It gives so much style and comfort and is a must-have decor in every home, I’d say. This checkered grey-and-dark-grey rug gives a comforting feel and elevates the room’s comfort level further. So that’s in ! 

I would accessorize hell loads more to my home 😀 Just cause I’m restricted to three, here it is. This site has too good many good stuff and I’m thoroughly excited to have come across makemyhome.com which I will be visiting more often sooner or later for my home 😉

This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at BlogAdda.com



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