I suck at talking.

How do you communicate best? Speaking or writing?

A no-brainer. I can write any random crap and get away with it. You wouldn’t know how much my current mood affects my tone or how random I am,or how unfocused I am on what to speak next and keep the conversation alive. As you read this line, imagine me typing without a care in the world as if I’m in some typing speed competition. I am not even proofreading what comes from my mind. No filters. But that is so not the case when I speak. I set a lot of boundaries for myself. I struggle to keep the conversation going. Lol.

I always be so conscious whileI talk, thinking that I might seem like a boring or an over-talking company. I either speak too much and regret later or keep shut and browse my instagram feed and embrass both of us. 😀 Its very rare that I am comfortable and confident to just talk, and that happens with a very few people. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad *probably,bad * 😛 ..but that’s the way I function.


This is Day 2 of NaBloPoMo September Challenge.



5 thoughts on “I suck at talking.

  1. I’ve noticed I talk fast and incoherently sometimes when there’s silence …I suppose iam not comfortable with silence…thought on the other hand iam best when iam silent😊😊


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